Force Gurkha based Spartan 2.0 EV SUV breaks cover

Indian automaker Force Gurkha based Spartan 2.0 EV SUV, the Spartan 2.0 EV. The new electric SUV is built on the same platform as the Gurkha SUV but gets a modern and futuristic design. The Spartan 2.0 EV is aimed at bringing rugged 4×4 capability in an electric avatar.

The Spartan 2.0 EV was showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo and is slated to launch in India by 2025. While the company hasn’t revealed too many details yet, the electric SUV promises to be an exciting new ‘Made in India’ EV.

Futuristic Styling of Spartan 2.0 EV

Force Gurkha based Spartan 2.0 EV SUV
Source – Autocar India

In terms of design and styling, the Force Spartan 2.0 EV features a very futuristic look that is a departure from the classic rugged styling of the Gurkha. The EV gets a clamshell hood, sleek LED headlamps, and an overall smooth and aerodynamic profile.

At the rear, the Spartan 2.0 EV gets hi-tech LED taillamps and a tailgate-mounted spare wheel. The company says the SUV is designed and developed completely in-house by Force Motors.

The Spartan 2.0 EV is aimed at the rapidly growing luxury electric SUV space in India. The company wants to showcase its technological capabilities by developing an advanced EV ground up.

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Built on Force’s Modular EV Platform

The Spartan 2.0 EV is built on Force’s new modular EV platform that has been designed keeping practicality and versatility in mind. The modular platform will allow Force Motors to develop multiple body styles and EVs quickly without re-engineering the architecture.

The monocoque chassis along with the battery packs have been packaged efficiently to allow for a spacious cabin and optimize interior space. The modular EV architecture will underpin more new EVs from Force.

Targeted Range of 500km on a Single Charge

Force Motors is aiming for a range of 500km on a single charge for the Spartan 2.0 EV. The EV SUV will come with DC fast charging capability that can add up to 200km of range in just 30 minutes of charging.

The company claims efficiency, practicality, and reliability have been the driving goals for the development of their first EV. The force plans to install fast charging stations across India to enable long-distance travel.

Advanced Technology and Features

As a premium and futuristic offering, the Spartan 2.0 EV promises many modern tech and features. The SUV will get a digital dashboard with a large touchscreen infotainment system. Connected car technology will allow smart features via internet connectivity.

Force says the Spartan 2.0 EV will come equipped with driving aids like blind spot detection, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, hill descent control, and other advanced systems. Safety systems like airbags and ABS will also be standard.

Target Launch in 2025

Force Motors is gearing up to launch the Spartan 2.0 EV in the Indian market by 2025. After unveiling the concept, the company aims to start local manufacturing of the electric SUV in India.

Force has not revealed details about the EV powertrain, battery capacity, or electric motors yet. But more technical specifications of the Spartan 2.0 EV are expected to be disclosed closer to launch.

The company is investing over Rs 1600 crores in developing electric vehicles and related R&D and infrastructure. Force’s first EV is slated to hit the market within 2 years.

Force Motors Entering High Growth EV Space

The unveiling of the Force Spartan 2.0 EV SUV signals the company’s entry into the high-growth electric mobility space in India. With brands like Tata Motors and Mahindra leading the charge, Force aims to be a formidable contender.

Force Motors already supplies engines, axles, and other parts to Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, Audi, and Jeep. Its expertise in chassis and drivetrains can be leveraged for EVs as well.

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The made-in-India Spartan 2.0 EV promises to raise the bar for electric SUVs with its combination of rugged Indian roots and futuristic global appeal. Force could shake up the luxury EV segment with its maiden electric SUV.

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