Hero Surge Can Switch Between Electric Scooter and Rickshaw Modes

Indian automotive company Hero MotoCorp has unveiled a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle called the Hero Surge. This innovative model acts as both an electric scooter and an electric rickshaw, with the ability to switch between the two modes in just a few minutes.

The Hero Surge aims to provide efficient and affordable urban transport with its unique convertible design. Let’s take a closer look at how this 2-in-1 electric vehicle works.

Hero Surge Can Switch Between Electric Scooter
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Seamless Transition Between Modes

At the heart of the Hero Surge is its modular detachable battery pack that powers both scooter and rickshaw setups. The switch from scooter to rickshaw mode takes only 3-4 minutes and no special skills or equipment.

“The Hero Surge represents a revolutionary concept in affordable urban mobility,” said Hero MotoCorp CEO Mike Stone. “Users can alternate between zipping through traffic as a scooter or carrying passengers and cargo as an electric rickshaw with incredible efficiency.”

To switch from a scooter to a rickshaw, users simply remove the battery pack, which also detaches the seat and rear wheel assembly. These components are replaced with a flat loading surface and enhanced braking system to create the rickshaw configuration.

The process happens in reverse to go back into the scooter form factor. The detachable pieces lock securely in place in both modes.

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Maximizing Functionality & Efficiency

In scooter mode, the Hero Surge can travel up to 85km on a single charge, perfect for individual transportation. Switching to three-wheeled rickshaw mode doubles the cargo capacity to ~200kg, allowing for transporting goods and people.

The Surge’s swappable batteries mean charging and range anxiety is minimized. Batteries can be conveniently charged at home or swapped out at battery swap stations in just minutes.

“What’s truly unique about the Surge is how quickly and efficiently it transforms between usages,” said electric vehicle expert Lakshmi Das. “This convertible design opens up so many more applications for a single EV platform.”

Ushering in the Future of Mobility

The Surge aims to accelerate EV adoption in congested urban areas by providing flexible, affordable transport options from a single vehicle.

“The Surge is an important step toward sustainable mobility and demonstrates how EV platforms can evolve to meet a variety of needs,” said Stone.

By maximizing usability, Hero MotoCorp hopes to make EVs more accessible. The company emphasized that the Surge is positioned to be cost-effective and durable for years of commercial use.

Hero also envisions offering “swappable mobility”, where users can choose different vehicle shapes and modules that attach to Surge’s core drive platform and battery. This would enable even more customization and functionality.

“The possibilities are endless when you move to modular, swappable EV systems,” said Das. “The Surge sets the stage for a post-ownership, pay-per-use mobility paradigm.”

Source – RushLane

The Future of Mobility

Hero MotoCorp aims to launch the Surge commercially in India later this year at an affordable price point. The company hopes that the 2-in-1 EV will help India reach its target of 30% EV adoption for passenger vehicles by 2030.

“For India’s congested urban centers, the Surge could be a game-changer,” said Stone. “It can handle the needs of individuals, businesses, and ride-hailing services cost-effectively. We are excited to see the impact it can make.”

The Surge’s unique convertible design also presents larger implications for the future of mobility globally. As automakers reimagine transportation, EVs built for modularity and multi-functionality could enable smarter, more sustainable cities worldwide.

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The Hero Surge demonstrates the promise of adaptable, flexible EV platforms. With its clever 2-in-1 electric scooter/rickshaw design, Surge aims to maximize functionality and efficiency in an incredibly accessible package. This modular approach to mobility could be key to driving mass EV adoption.

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