Revolt RV400 vs Oben Rorr: Battle of the Electric Bikes

The electric two-wheeler market in India is heating up with new model launches from EV startups and traditional automakers, Revolt RV400 vs Oben Rorr. Two recent standouts gaining popularity are the Revolt RV400 from Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma and the Oben Rorr from Bengaluru-based Oben Electric.

With impressive features and technology, Revolt RV400 and Oben Rorr both aim to shake up the gas-powered motorcycle market. But how do these e-bike challengers compare? Let’s examine the specs, performance, and pricing to see which emerges as the better option.

Revolt RV400 vs Oben Rorr
Source – My Market Guru

“Revolt offers a technologically advanced motorcycle with great ride quality through our AI-enabled bike,” said Sharma. “With cutting-edge features like a fully connected bike through our app, navigation assist, bike locator, and more, the RV400 delivers an unparalleled electric riding experience.”

Oben counters the RV400 still has limitations compared to their product. “While Revolt offers decent range, the Rorr beats it on that front with up to 200 km per charge. With removable batteries and portable charger options, we provide added convenience. The Rorr matches performance but with more usability,” asserts Anand Kabra, co-founder of Oben Electric.

The range is a key differentiator, with Rorr reaching farther without recharging. The RV400 manages just 150 km on a full charge. For users needing more distance between plug-ins, Rorr’s 200 km range capabilities make it the better choice.

Both bikes reach top speeds of 85 kmph, on par with popular 125cc models. The RV400 edges on acceleration, going 0 to 40 kmph in 3.9 seconds compared to 4.2 seconds for Rorr. But Oben notes performance is still brisk for an electric commuter bike.

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“The Rorr delivers on speed and acceleration metrics while optimizing for maximum range,” said Kabra. “We strike the ideal balance for an electric motorcycle you can depend on.”

In terms of styling and appearance, the Rorr takes a minimalist approach with its exposed frame and simplistic design. Revolt goes for a beefier, more motorcycle-inspired look with its exposed forks, tri-LED headlamp, and edgier body style. For customers wanting a sense of riding a conventional performance bike, the RV400 may appeal more aesthetically.

Both models offer advanced technology like geo-fencing, bike locator, and bike-sharing features via mobile apps. Revolt’s AI-enabled bike provides additional touches like a fully digital instrument cluster, voice assistance, and motorcycle sound emulation. But Oben matches core smart features like navigation assist, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air updates.

When it comes to pricing, the RV400 holds the advantage at only Rs 90,799 ex-showroom after Delhi EV policy subsidies. That undercuts the Rorr by around Rs 20,000. Revolt’s lower acquisition cost increases its value proposition.

However, Oben emphasizes that Rorr’s swappable battery model avoids long downtimes for charging. Additional batteries cost Rs 30,000 each, letting you use a spare while the other charges. The RV400 does not offer this flexibility, requiring 6 hours for a full charge.

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For those wanting maximum range from their electric bike, the Oben Rorr makes a compelling case with its 200 km max, swappable batteries, and availability of portable chargers. It offers the most hassle-free experience for longer daily commutes or weekend getaways.

But as an overall package, the Revolt RV400 still win on styling, acceleration, and price. Its advanced connected features also set it apart as a true smart mobility solution. For riders focused simply on performance and technology, the RV400 remains tough to beat.

As India pushes for electric vehicle adoption, capable and competitive models like these are critical. Both Oben and Revolt’s products help accelerate EV two-wheeler uptake while giving eco-conscious buyers excellent alternatives to traditional bikes.

WhileCreateObject and shape the future of electric mobility in India,” summarized Revolt’s Rahul Sharma. Ultimately as more models emerge, the customer is the winner when it comes to choosing their preferred ride.

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