Ultraviolette Unveils High-Performance F99 Factory Racing Platform at EICMA 2024

Bangalore-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Ultraviolette Unveils High-Performance F99 Factory Racing Platform at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this week. With its striking design and use of innovative technology, the F99 promises to deliver uncompromising performance and usher in a new era of electric racing machines.

Showcased alongside Ultraviolette’s existing F77 model, the track-focused F99 represents a giant leap forward for the young company. “The F99 Factory Racing Platform demonstrates our technological prowess and capabilities,” said Ultraviolette CEO Narayan Subramaniam. “Pushing boundaries on track with EV technology helps us accelerate innovation for our street models.”

Ultraviolette Unveils High-Performance F99
Source – Team-BHP

Radical Styling Hints at Extreme Performance

One look at the F99’s radical styling makes it clear this motorcycle means business. Its sharp, aggressive bodywork appears almost otherworldly compared to conventional gas-powered superbikes. “We aimed for a visual identity that was striking yet functional,” said Ultraviolette head designer Madhulika Chaudhary.

The F99’s wind-piercing fairings and winglets were optimized using computational fluid dynamics analysis for maximum high-speed stability. Custom Ohlins suspension, beefy Brembo brakes, and magnesium wheels complete the racing ensemble.

With a visual design inspired by fighter jets, this electric motorcycle looks like something from the future—fitting given its advanced technical features.

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Record-breaking power and Torque

But the F99 is more than just a pretty face – it packs some serious performance. Ultraviolette developed a high-output permanent magnet AC electric motor exclusively for this model. It produces 90kW (120 bhp) of power and 120 Nm of torque, enabling a 0-60 mph time under 3 seconds.

For context, that makes the F99 more powerful than top superbikes like the Ducati Panigale V4R. Combined with a featherweight 179kg curb weight, the F99 boasts a stratospheric power-to-weight ratio unrivaled by any production EV motorcycle so far.

“We developed an extremely lightweight, high-revving motor tailored specifically for the track,” revealed Ultraviolette co-founder Niraj Rajmohan. “The immediate, uncompromising power delivery will reshape rider expectations of what’s possible with electric motorcycles.”

Advanced Battery Technology

Feeding electrons to the F99’s hungry motor is an 8.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. While smaller than batteries in street-legal EVs, it’s designed specifically for the extreme demands of racing. Thermal management and charge/discharge rate optimization result in stable power delivery even under hard track use.

When asked about charging logistics for a racing application, Ultraviolette engineers pointed towards their greater vision. “The F99 provides a testbed to develop rapid charging and battery swap systems that could eventually filter down to consumer products,” they commented.

Revolutionary Regenerative Braking

One innovative F99 technology that could make its way to street bikes is the regenerative braking system. Electric motors can convert braking force into battery charge, but Ultraviolette takes this to the next level.

Sophisticated sensors feed braking pressure data to the motor controller, allowing finely calibrated regenerative braking for each wheel independently. This advanced application of regenerative braking enhances cornering stability. It also maximizes energy recovery during hard braking before corners.

Ultraviolette plans to race F99 pilot vehicles in the 2023 MotoE championship to further develop the technology. More extreme racing applications are also under consideration.

Source – Bike India

Pushing Electric Performance Limits

“The F99 Factory Racing Platform shows EV powertrains can offer not just efficiency but also extreme performance,” remarked Narayan Subramaniam during the company’s EICMA presentation. “Pushing boundaries on the racetrack allows us to innovate faster and ultimately deliver a more thrilling riding experience.”

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While not intended for public sale in its current form, the F99 provides a glimpse into the future of Ultraviolette’s street motorcycles. With such an impressive demonstration of technological prowess on the table, expectations are high for what Ultraviolette might unveil next.

The electric motorcycle segment is still in its infancy, but with bold innovations like the F99 Factory Racing Platform, its full potential is beginning to shine through. Ultraviolette’s big reveal at EICMA 2023 is a pivotal moment that expands perceptions of what an electric motorcycle can deliver.

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