Electric Motorcycle Livewire S2 Del Mar Launch Delayed by Harley-Davidson to Later This Year

Livewire S2 Del Mar
Image Credit HT Auto

Harley Davidson

Electric motorcycle brand LiveWire from Harley-Davidson was expected to come up with a new electric motorcycle early this year. The model is named LiveWire S2 Del Mar. The new model launch has now been postponed to later this year. Harley-Davidson, Inc., Founded in 1903, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. 

However, The LiveWire S2 is expected to get more sales than the existing LiveWire One electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. The higher demand estimates are backed by a lower price than the selling price of LiveWire One. LiveWire One costs around $22,700, while LiveWire S2 is priced at $16,999. The S2 has a better appeal to young urban riders.

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The LiveWire One is a successful halo vehicle for LiveWire. The electric motorcycle has gone out of its way to push styling, technology, and performance.  However, the motorcycle has not reached a good level of commercial success. The e-bike sold only 597 units in the year 2022, though that sales are more than the predictions of management, which was just 500 units.

The sale of 597 LiveWire One electric motorcycles has brought in about $14M in revenue last year. Interestingly, StaCyc electric balance bikes for kids from Harley-Davidson itself accounted for $33M in sales last year which is more than twice the revenue from the LiveWire One. LiveWire is operating at a net loss. The company is still investing significant amount in the R&D of its new models. They are also hiring new talent for the young brand.

Despite big advantages in performance, maintenance, and running costs, Electric motorcycles have yet not achieved mass adoption as visible in electric cars. However, Harley-Davidson strongly feels that the future belongs to all-electric at some point in time, maybe a few years. The LiveWire S2 Del Mar launch is proof that electric transformation is inevitable. 

The new model is expected to have a power rating of 80 horsepower (60 kW).  A city range of approximately 100 miles is also targeted. The bike’s acceleration from 0-60 mph in around 3.1 seconds is evidence of what an electric drivetrain can be. 

The e-motorcycle can be charged from 20 to 80 % in 75 minutes using a Level 2 recharging.  However, this could be done in almost 30 minutes with the LiveWire One’s DC Fast Charging.

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