SONDORS’s Price Drop on MetaCycle in the USA will Surprise You, it will Bring Revenue of $4 Million

Sondors Metacycle
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SONDORS is a design-focused electric mobility company. It manufactures and delivers premium e-bikes and the electric Sondors MetaCycle. The company is based in the U.S. state of California.

Discount/credit of $2500

The company has created a limited discount of $2,500 on its $6,500 electric motorcycle. The discount has resulted in a new wave of orders for its SONDORS Metacycle (Electric motorcycles/bikes).  

The discount was announced as a form of “credit” provided by the SONDORS and was available for the 1,000 customers who does a reservation payment of $500. These Metacycle (Electric motorcycles/bikes) are expected to be delivered by Q4 2023. All the credits available were consumed in a week’s time only.   

Just to refresh, SONDORS unveiled a $5,000 electric motorcycle, set to drastically expand the market reach. However, after some modifications, including a slow-release battery the final price went up from $5,000 to $6,500. 

After the discount, the effective price is only $4,000, which is nearly at par with a nice electric bicycle. So, getting a highway-capable electric motorcycle at the price of an electric bicycle has created quick demand. 

Presale Model 

The company is Operated on a Presale Model. In the Presale model, the deposits or full amounts are used to fund the manufacturing of each next round of bikes. This model is popular in the electric bicycle industry only. However, SONDORS has adopted the same on its e-bike and brought this into the e-moto world.

The $2,500 Metacycle discount has not only given quick demand but also has resulted in an immediate cash inflow of US $500,000 through reservation payment deposits of $500 from 1000 customers. The sale of 1000 Metacycles will bring revenue of US $4 million.

Company’s IPO 

It is good to share that company’s IPO was postponed last year due to less rosy financial figures of the company. The order of 1000 Metacycle will certainly improve the company’s financial standing. 

The Metacycle (Electric motorcycle/bike) has impressive specifications including an 80-mile (130 km) range and a top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h). 


SONDORS Metacycle is one of the first low-cost light electric motorcycles in the US market, however, California-based CSC will launch RX1E and RYVID will launch Anthem bike to give competition to Metacycle from SONDORS. 

Till then the Metacycle is mainly the only low-cost light electric motorcycle in town.

Sondors Metacycle Price

One of the most notable features of the Sondors Metacycle is its price. Priced at $5,000, the Metacycle is significantly more affordable than other electric motorcycles in the market. The company ensures that the price does not come at a compromise with quality and sustainability, making it a perfect choice for price-conscious and eco-friendly buyers.

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