EV Giant Tesla Will Open a Portion of its Charging Stations to Non-Tesla EVs also in the USA

Charging Stations to Non-Tesla

EV Giant Tesla Will allow the use of its Charging Stations to Non-Tesla EVs also in the USA. This is part of a $7.5 billion federal program for the expansion of EVs and cutting carbon emissions. The plan to open a reliable charging network to all EV drivers is a potential game-changer in promoting EVs.  

The U.S. Department of Transportation has laid out a set of requirements for charging hardware and charging network behaviour. Any company wishing to claim federal funds in the buildout of the $7.5 billion NEVI- National EV Charging Network needs to fulfill these requirements. The final requirements focus on the “Build America, Buy America” approach. 

New rules will ask for reporting on the following issues from EV charging stations-  

  • Power Dispensed
  • Real-Time Port Status
  • Real-Time Customer Price
  • Historical Uptime

All such EV charging stations must be “physically accessible to the public 24X7 year-round. However, the rules allow charging networks to charge lower prices to members, or EVs of specific models, or to charge extra for slower-charging EVs. 

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Interestingly Tesla also plans to open up “a portion” of its Supercharger & Destination Charger Network to non-Tesla EVs. This will make 7,500 EV chargers available to “all EVs” by the end of 2024. This may include 3,500 new charging stations and existing superchargers as well as 4,000 slower chargers. Tesla also plans to double its network of Superchargers, as part of its targets for growth. It will set up charging facilities at hotels, restaurants, and many other public places in urban and rural locations. 

NEVI- National EV Charging Network policy will eventually include 500,000 chargers, on highways and within communities. The NEVI is a key piece of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This will include $7.5 billion in EV charging, $10 billion on clean transportation projects, and over $7 billion for EV batteries, critical minerals, etc. investment through 2026.

This “NEVI” stipulates charging stations with DC fast chargers should use the CCS format, which most non-Tesla EVs use. CCS format –The Combined Charging System follows open and universal standards for electric vehicles. 

The latest rules ensure that all EV chargers purchased through the NEVI program are assembled in the USA. However, effect by July 1, 2024, the law ensures that there is at least 55% US content, by cost, in these products. 

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