World’s First DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger by Enteligent California at Intersolar North America 2023

DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger
Image Credit E Vehicles Mart


Enteligent has unveiled DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger. It claims to be faster than traditional Chargers. The company claims it is a “world’s first” in what it delivers. The new EV charger is Solar-Powered and Bi-Directional in nature. The chargers are up to 3 times faster than AC Level 2 DC chargers with 25 kW of fast DC charging. Enteligent is a California-based developer of smart solar technologies. 

As it is DC to DC, the Charging Bypasses the AC to DC Conversion Electronics of EVs, thus reducing charging time and improving efficiency. The charger was recently unveiled at Intersolar North America 2023 event in Long Beach, California.  

Solar-Powered and Bi-Directional 

The Enteligent EV Fast Charger allows at-home, at-work, and at-store charging powered directly by existing solar panels. Most interestingly it can also be powered simultaneously by the AC grid. It for sure provides peace-of-mind charge-continuity. It is a “Cleaner Than the Rest” and a Much Cheaper way of charging EVs. 

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EV chargers are mostly dependent on power grids to deliver the charge for a car’s battery; however, the new technology will change the way EVs are charged in different places. It will set the stage for a new era of at-home or other location charging stations, which are focusing on a solar-powered hybrid.

During sunny daytime, the EV charger takes power directly from the Sun. Enteligent claims to deliver 13% more electricity from panels than available EV charging. During night time the EVs can be charged using power from the grid. It is good to share that these chargers are Bi-directional and EV batteries can be used as household backup power during a grid outage. Bi-directional is the most iconic feature of this fast EV charger. 

Simply the chargers can charge EVs from solar and grid power, as well as take power from the batteries of EVs to supply electricity. This may supply electricity from vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). 

The raising of $7 million by Enteligent in capital From Strategic and Institutional Investors will help in the faster commercialization of its product. 

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