SWFT Has Introduced a New High-Performance Electric BMX Bicycle for Real Fun

Image Credit Forbes

Nowadays we have an electric version of just about every type of vehicle. It includes most types of bicycles like e-cruisers, eMTBs, and e-road bikes. e-road bikes.  However, SWFT BMX bike were just missing. BMX is an abbreviation used for Bicycle Motocross. It is a sport in which cyclists race through hills and jump on a winding course.

BMX is a huge market, still, BMX fans were not having an e-bike to call their own. It is good to share that now it is about to change.  SWFT has introduced a new High-performance electric SWFT BMX bike. It is a perfect blend of old-school design and modern technology. The SWFT BMX bike has a short frame and a tall handlebar with 20-inch wheels. The SWFT BMX electric bike is not a flashy bike, it combines simplicity with an effective e-bike setup. 

It has a versatile and time-tested BMX bike design. The SWFT BMX electric bike comes with a single-speed drivetrain. The bike is painted in Flat Black Paint to help give the look of a classic BMX bike.

As SWFT BMX is an e-bike, it gives you something extra. It is a complete Class 2 electric bicycle; this ride can speed up to 20 mph. The e-bike comes fitted with a 350W rear-hub motor. The motor can be controlled either by using the half-twist throttle mounted on the handlebar or through the pedal assist.

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Here it is important to share that SWFT BMX is not really designed to hit big jumps or anything like that. The wires and cables which are coming from the brakes, throttle, and display will not appreciate any carefree bar spins, However, you can get a single rotation very carefully. 

Despite wires and cables, it is an authentic return to BMX bikes in the electric avatar. Although it is an electric BMX bike for fun, you can use it for a commute to work, the market, or school.

The electric SWFT BMX has a range of 20-35 miles (32-56 km), depending on the pedal assist level. It has a 36V 7.5Ah (270 Wh) battery. The Aluminum alloy body has a weight of 39.7 lb (18 kg). BMX bikes have a single front headlight, built right into the head tube. 

On the website of the company, the SWFT BMX is priced at $999.  However, on Best Buy’s site, it is available for just $735.

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