Aptera Motors USA has Unveiled a Solar-Powered “Launch Edition” 3-Wheeled Ultra-Efficient Vehicle

Aptera Launch Edition
Image Credit Electrek

Solar-Powered vehicles

Aptera Motors is a start-up making high-efficiency cars in California, USA. The company has unveiled its solar-powered Aptera Launch Edition 3-wheeled ultra-efficient vehicle (sEV). The 3W electric vehicle is equipped with around 700 watts of proprietary solar technology. The solar cells of Aptera can drive up to 40 miles per day directly from solar energy. 

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The solar-powered vehicle is excellent in very high sun exposure areas like Southern California. This is good even in medium sun exposure areas like New York or Chicago. If your travel is around 30 miles per day, you rarely need to charge your vehicle. 

However, if sufficient sunlight is not available, any standard power outlet can charge your vehicle. If plugged into a 120V outlet, the vehicle can charge over 13 miles per hour, say around 150 miles overnight. 

Launch Edition of Aptera is created with one objective in mind — energy efficiency. Aptera has a unique shape and is ultra-lightweight. It is made up of ultra-strong materials that allow Aptera to move very softly through the air. The solar-powered 3 W vehicle uses only one-fourth of the energy as compared to other electric or hybrid vehicles currently available.

Demand and production timeline

The US company Aptera Motors has already secured over 40,000 reservations for the solar-powered vehicle. The company can scale quickly to produce 10,000 vehicles per year in single-shift production. If required the company can produce 20,000 vehicles per year running the California manufacturing facility in double shifts. 

However, the company plans for operating eight different assembly plants across the globe. This target could be achieved by the year 2028 after the Launch Edition production line is up and running successfully.

The company expects a delivery timeline by the end of 2023. Though it depends on the fulfillment of fundraising objectives by Aptera Motors. Aptera probably will be the first in a series of eco-friendly vehicles that will be available for personal and commercial use.

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