Kinetic E-Luna vs Okinawa Dual vs Odysse Trot: Design, Features, Battery, and Range Compared

The electric two-wheeler segment in India is abuzz with launches from both established automakers and startups. Recent entrants in the high-speed electric scooter space include Kinetic E-Luna from Kinetic E-Luna vs Okinawa Dual vs Odysse Trot from EMotorad.

Let’s take a close look at how these three electric scooters stack up against each other on crucial parameters like design, features, battery specs, and estimated range.

Design and Dimensions

In terms of design, the Kinetic E-Luna sports a minimalist look with smooth curves and lines. The large 12-inch alloy wheels and angular LED headlamp give it a modern electric scooter appeal. The Okinawa Dual flaunts a muscular body with beefy apron-mounted twin batteries. The scooter gets twin LED projector headlamps and 10-inch alloy wheels.

The Odyssey Trot has the most distinctive styling of the trio with retro design elements like a round LED headlamp, cork seat, and angular tail section. The exposed twin battery pack also adds to the neo-retro styling.

For dimensions, the E-Luna has the longest wheelbase at 1325 mm. The Okinawa Dual and Odysse Trot have almost similar wheelbases around 1300 mm. The E-Luna is also the tallest while the Odysse Trot is the shortest in height.

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All three scooters come loaded with smart features. The E-Luna gets a colored TFT instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, geofencing, and ride statistics. The Okinawa Dual has a smartphone connectivity app, an anti-theft alarm, and navigation assistance.

The Odyssey Trot also offers Bluetooth connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, and call/SMS alerts on its LCD dash. Additional features are reverse mode, cruise control, and a USB charging port.

In terms of under-seat storage, the E-Luna and Okinawa Dual offer around 25-30 liters while the Odysse Trot has a storage capacity of 16 liters. The Odyssey Trot’s exposed battery design restricts its underseat storage.

Battery and Range

The battery capacity varies significantly in the three scooters. The Kinetic E-Luna has the smallest 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The Okinawa Dual is equipped with the largest 4 kWh battery pack (2 x 2 kWh units). The Odyssey Trot sits in between with a 72V, 33Ah 3 kWh battery pack.

As a result, the estimated range also differs. Kinetic claims a range of 100 km on a single charge for the E-Luna. Okinawa states the Dual can deliver a range of up to 170 km based on driving conditions. EMotorad claims a 140 km range for the Odysse Trot per charge.

The E-Luna has a 3.3 kW motor while the Okinawa Dual and Odysse Trot both use 4 kW electric motors. The Odyssey Trot claims a top speed of 100 kmph while the other two max out at 80 kmph. All three take about 4-5 hours for full battery charging.

Kinetic E-Luna vs Okinawa Dual vs Odysse Trot
Source – English Jagran

Braking and Suspension

An important parameter like braking sees varying equipment used. The E-Luna uses drum brakes at both ends with the combi braking system. The Okinawa Dual has front and rear disc brakes for better braking performance. The Odyssey Trot is also equipped with front and rear disc brakes.

For suspension, the E-Luna and Odysse Trot use telescopic units at the front and hydraulic coilover shock absorbers at the rear. The Okinawa Dual employs telescopic suspension upfront and twin hydraulic shock absorbers with a rectangular swingarm at the rear.

Pricing and Colors

The Kinetic E-Luna is available in two variants priced at Rs. 89,339 and Rs. 94,206 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The e-scooter is offered in four color options – Nebula Blue, Quasar Grey, Comet Red, and Meteor Grey.

The Okinawa Dual is currently priced at Rs. 1.03 lakh (ex-showroom). It is retailed in two color choices – Matte Black and Glossy White.

The Odyssey Trot is the most affordable of the trio at Rs. 74,500 (ex-showroom). The retro-styled scooter can be purchased in four colors – Moon Dust Silver, Interstellar Grey, Supernova White, and Comet Red.

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The Kinetic E-Luna makes for an ideal urban electric scooter with its lightweight body, nimble handling, and wallet-friendly pricing. It misses out on premium features and disc brakes found in rivals.

The Okinawa Dual justifies its premium positioning with powerful performance, long-range, plush ride quality, and abundant smart features. The high pricing may limit its appeal though.

The Odyssey Trot offers the best value for money with its neo-retro styling, peppy performance, and impressive features at an aggressive price point. The average storage space and lack of disc brakes are minor compromises.


“The Kinetic E-Luna is one of the most affordable and practical electric scooters currently. Its city-friendly design and ride range make it a good urban mobility solution.” – Rohit Vadera, Editor, Auto Today

“With the locally made Okinawa Dual, we have tried to address key pain points like range anxiety and poor ride quality that afflict budget e-scooters. The high-capacity removable batteries and premium features make the Dual stand out.” – Jeetender Sharma, MD, Okinawa Autotech

“We designed the Odysse Trot to offer a retro-inspired e-scooter without the traditional drawbacks like low speed or range. It combines neo-retro charm with performance and tech features at aggressive pricing.” – Shashank Jain, CMO, EMotorad

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