Electric Boat Voltari 260 has Set a New Record- Traveled from Florida to The Bahamas, On a Single Charge 

Electric Boat Voltari 260
Image Credit Electrek

Voltari 260

Good news to share, Marine Electrification Specialist Voltari has shown the Capabilities of its Electric Performance Vessel – The Voltari 260. This boat has 550 kw of pure power equal to 740 horsepower and is an All-Electric Vessel. 

The Voltari 260 is not only Fast But also Goes Far. It is interesting to share that Voltari took its Electric High-Performance Boat 260 beyond The United States

The Voltari 260 has covered 91 Miles from Key Largo, Florida to Bimini, Bahamas, on a Single Charge.

The Voltari 260 has a Top Speed of 60mph. However, during its trip through the Waters of The Gulf Stream to The Bahamas the speed was kept at just 5mph. The low speed was maintained on this International Voyage to Maximize the Range. 

The trip has a record for the Longest Distance Journey by a High-Performance Electric Boat on a Single Charge. The Voltari 260 gives freedom to Explore Open Water for Extended hours.

VOLTARI Marine Electric is a Canadian corporation. It has manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA.  

The world’s first Fully Electric Performance Boat Voltari is available for $450,000. You can book Voltari by depositing $1000 which is fully refundable. 

Voltari comes fitted with a 142-kW h Lithium-Ion battery pack for a longer run time. It has unmatched torque and no maintenance with zero emissions. This wonderful boat is backed by a 10-year warranty. 

Electric 2/3/4 wheeler owners are contributing to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions, but what about those with boats? Are they still need to burn marine diesel in noxious amounts? Floating forms of transport and entertainment are the next big area moving for electrification. 

The touchscreen user interface of VOLTARI is fully integrated with Garmin ActiveCaptain. The easy-to-use interface shows- Performance parameters, safety alerts, system stats, trip planning, navigation, range, stereo system, and docking cameras.

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