Honda Teases New Electric Sports Car Coming This Year

Honda Electric Sports Car
Image Credit Carscoops

The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as Honda, one of the industry’s pioneers, has recently teased the imminent launch of its highly anticipated electric sports car. Honda Teases New Electric Sports Car that will be released later this year to commemorate its 75th anniversary.

Honda Electric Sports Car

According to a claim in the British motor magazine Car, it may be a throwback. According to the story, Honda insiders mentioned the S2000 when hinting at an electric sports car that will be released later this year. The electric sports car will be built on Honda’s new e:n electric platform, which was first seen in the e: Ny1 SUV earlier this year in Germany. The platform, according to Honda, is built with a low center of gravity with underfloor aerodynamics for a “fun and confidence-inspired” driving experience, which might convert to an EV sports car.

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By 2030, the carmaker intends to launch 30 EV vehicles worldwide, including at least two electric sportscars, a specialist product, and a flagship model. The first will be an NSX (Acura’s model in North America), while the second will be a new GT. Perhaps the next model will be a Type R as well, making it the first non-FWD car to wear the badge since the NSX Type R.

Honda Electric Sports Car
Image Credit Electrek

Although Honda did not provide any other details, you may expect a high price. “While we cannot compete with Chinese manufacturers on price,” stated Rebecca Adamson, Head of Automobiles for Honda UK, “we have 75 years of engineering experience.”

Honda intends to speed up EV development in the second half of the decade with the release of its specialized e: Architecture in 2026. Honda intends to launch a series of affordable EVs in North America in 2027, in conjunction with GM, “with a cost and range that will be as competitive as gasoline-powered vehicles.” Toshihiro Mibe, Honda’s CEO who took over in 2021, hopes to get the Japanese carmaker back on track in the new EV era. Nonetheless, it may be too little, too late. With second or third-generation models on the horizon, many automakers are already generating double-digit or 100% EV sales.

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