Porsche opens its first EV Charging Lounge, complete with snacks and a smart mirror for exercises

Porsche EV drivers’ charging experience would be improved with exclusive “premium” features, according to the luxury automaker. Porsche opens its first EV Charging Lounge includes snacks and soft drinks, digital media, and even a smart mirror for working out while driving.

Porsche EV Charging Lounge

On Wednesday, Porsche opens its first EV Charging Lounge, beginning with a prototype site near Bingen am Rhein, Germany. Porsche intends to build its own fast-charging stations along Europe’s most major highways, providing the premium experience that “one expects of the brand.”

Six 300 kW DC fast-charging stations and four 22 kW AC charging outlets powered by renewable energy are part of the facility. Porsche claims that 400 kW per charging point will be available by the beginning of next year. Because of the high volume of traffic in the area, the site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing Porsche drivers to charge up at any time.

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The building itself is designed to reduce energy usage by using non-fossil fuel heating and cooling. In addition, a solar panel system on the building’s roof provides some of the electricity. The location features a vast assortment of drinks and snacks to provide Porsche drivers with a luxury experience. You will also have access to reading materials and digital media, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi. The lounge has a smart mirror to keep fitness warriors on track while on the go. Porsche claims that payments can be made using Apple or Google Pay.

Porsche opens its first EV Charging Lounge
Image Credit CleanTechnica

Porsche Charging Lounges are shown in the navigation system and are part of the Porsche Charging Service. The cost per kWh is 33 cents, and entry to the special charging stations and lounge will require a Porsche ID. If your license plate is stored with Porsche ID, the barrier will immediately open. To obtain access, drivers can also use their Porsche Charging Card or scan a QR code from the app.

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So far, several further Charging Lounges are planned for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Porsche’s charging network includes over 436,000 charging stations in over 20 countries across the EU.

Despite having only one fully electric vehicle in its lineup, the Taycan sports car, Porsche hopes to have 80% of its lineup electrified by 2030. The long-awaited Macan EV is set to debut next year. Porsche will then release an electric 718 in 2025, followed by the Cayenne EV in 2026. Porsche is also working on a premium luxury electric SUV to compete with ultra-luxurious automakers, which will be positioned above the Macan and Cayenne models.

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