Honda and GS Yuasa Sign Joint Venture for High-Capacity Lithium-Ion EV Batteries

Honda and GS Yuasa Sign Joint Venture
Image Credit Auto Futures

Honda and GS Yuasa

Honda and GS Yuasa have announced a joint venture for the establishment of a new company, which will focus on the development of high-capacity, high-output lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Honda and GS Yuasa Sign Joint Venture agreement was signed after months of negotiations and will see the establishment of the “Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D Co., Ltd.” later this year.

The Main Objective: Research and Development of Globally Competitive EV Batteries

The focus of the Honda and GS Yuasa Sign Joint Venture is on researching and developing lithium-ion batteries. It will also focus on battery production methods that are globally competitive. The long-term objective of the partnership is to mass-produce EV batteries. The new venture will establish a supply chain for critical raw materials. it will also establish an efficient production system for its batteries.

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GS Yuasa: A Major Battery Manufacturer with EV Battery Expertise

GS Yuasa is one of Japan’s largest battery manufacturers and has already been involved in the development of EV batteries through joint ventures with Mitsubishi and Honda. The partnership with Honda and potentially other partners could position GS Yuasa among the largest all-electric car battery manufacturers soon.

Honda and GS Yuasa Share a Goal of Carbon Neutrality

Key person of Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D Co., Ltd., expressed his satisfaction with the joint venture agreement, stating that the partnership would be a significant milestone in achieving carbon neutrality, a goal shared by both companies. The new company is expected to leverage the strengths of both companies. It will establish a strong presence in the fast-expanding battery market.

Key Questions Remain on Battery Chemistry and Production Methods

The key point for the new joint venture is, which battery chemistry and battery cell type will be used. whether Honda is ready to explore new solutions, like cell-to-pack or structural battery packs. The Honda・GS Yuasa EV Battery R&D Co. will need to answer these questions before the partners invest billions in new battery plants.

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