Bridgestone Introduces Turanza EV Grand Touring Tires for Electric Cars

Turanza EV Grand Touring Tires
Image Credit Electrek


Electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people opting for eco-friendly transportation. However, one aspect that often poses a challenge for EV owners is finding the right tires. Some tires designed for electric cars lack grip and produce excessive noise, while others compromise range due to increased traction. Bridgestone, a renowned tire manufacturer, has taken up the challenge to address these issues with their latest offering – the Turanza EV Grand Touring tires.

Enhancing EV Performance: Bridgestone’s Purpose-Built Tires

Bridgestone has designed the Turanza EV Grand Touring tires with a strong focus on longevity, comfort, performance, and efficiency. These tires have been specifically engineered to optimize the driving experience for electric car owners. With reduced rolling resistance, the Turanza EV tires enhance the range of electric vehicles while maintaining long-term durability. Bridgestone is confident in the quality of their tires and backs them with an impressive 50,000-mile warranty. Additionally, these tires excel in handling and braking, particularly on wet surfaces, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

Quiet and Sustainable: Innovative Features of Turanza EV Tires

One common issue with some EV tires is the excessive road noise they generate, which can be more noticeable in the absence of engine noise. Bridgestone addresses this concern with their Turanza EV Grand Touring tires by incorporating QuietTrack technology. This innovation aims to minimize road noise, providing a quieter and more enjoyable driving experience for electric car owners. The emphasis on reducing tire noise is crucial in enhancing the serene silence associated with electric vehicles.

Bridgestone also takes a sustainable approach in the production of the Turanza EV tires. By utilizing rubber derived from recycled plastic bags and bottles, they contribute to the reduction of waste. Approximately 18% of the tire’s rubber compounds are made from recycled synthetic rubber. This eco-friendly initiative demonstrates Bridgestone’s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its products.

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Nationwide Availability and Future Expansion: Bridgestone’s Commitment to Electric Mobility

The Turanza EV Grand Touring tires are currently manufactured at Bridgestone’s facilities in Wilson, North Carolina, and Monterrey, Mexico. These tires are readily available at retailers across the nation, making them easily accessible to EV owners. Initially, the Turanza EV tires are offered as all-season variants for popular Tesla models (Model 3, Y, S, and X) and Ford Mustang Mach-Es. However, Bridgestone has plans to expand the tire lineup to include thirteen other electric car models in the coming year. This expansion demonstrates Bridgestone’s commitment to catering to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners.


Bridgestone’s introduction of the Turanza EV Grand Touring tires for electric cars marks a significant milestone in the tire industry. By focusing on longevity, efficiency, and driving performance, these purpose-built tires are poised to attract a wide audience of electric vehicle enthusiasts. With innovative features like QuietTrack technology and sustainable production methods, Bridgestone sets a new standard for EV tires. As the demand for electric mobility continues to grow, Bridgestone’s commitment to providing high-quality tires tailored for electric cars is a testament to their dedication to advancing the future of transportation.

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