What is Tesla Destination Charging?

Tesla Destination Charging is a program where hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses partner with Tesla to install Tesla-specific charging stations at their premises. These charging stations, also known as Wall Connectors, provide Tesla owners with the convenience of charging their vehicles while they are parked, enabling them to continue their journey with a full charge.

Unlike Tesla Superchargers, which are intended for long-distance travel and installed at specific locations along major highways, Tesla Destination Chargers are designed for charging while you are enjoying the destination. This program offers Tesla drivers the peace of mind of knowing they can charge their vehicles wherever they go, without worrying about running out of charge.

Tesla has been expanding its Destination Charging network since it was launched in 2015, and now has over 6,000 locations in more than 30 countries. In order to use Tesla Destination Charging, Tesla owners need to have a compatible vehicle and use the Tesla mobile app to locate and activate the charging station.

How does Tesla Destination Charging work?

Tesla Destination Charging works by partnering with hospitality businesses around the globe to install Tesla Wall Connectors at their locations. These charging stations are installed in private parking areas, so Tesla owners can charge their cars while they are parked.

Using Tesla Charging is simple. Here’s how to use it:

Locate a Tesla Destination Charging station

Use the Tesla mobile app to locate a charging station near you. The app will provide information on the location of the station and whether it is currently available.

Activate the charging station

Once you arrive at the charging station, use the Tesla mobile app to activate the charging station. The app will provide instructions on how to do this.

Charge your vehicle

Once the charging station has been activated, plug your vehicle into the station and the charging will begin automatically. The app will show the progress of the charging and provide an estimate of how long it will take to charge your vehicle.

Disconnect and go

Once your vehicle is charged, simply disconnect from the charging station and go on your way. The app will provide a summary of the charging session and any charges that may apply.

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How do I find Tesla Destination Charging stations?

Tesla Destination Charging stations are easy to locate using the Tesla app or website. Here are the steps to find a Destination Charging station:

  1. Open the Tesla app
  2. Enter your destination in the search bar.
  3. Select “Destination Charging” as the charging type.
  4. The app will display the closest Tesla Destination Charging locations.

Alternatively, you can also find Tesla Charging stations through third-party websites such as Plugshare and ChargeHub.

Tesla Destination Charging partners

What is Tesla Destination Charging
Image Credit Tesla

Tesla has partnered with numerous hospitality businesses worldwide to install Tesla Destination Charging stations. Some of the notable partners include:

  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Marriott International
  • Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
  • Embassy Suites Hotels

Tesla continues to add more partners to the program, expanding the network of charging stations globally.

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Benefits of Tesla Destination Charging

There are several benefits to using Tesla Destination Charging:


Tesla owners can conveniently charge their vehicles while they are out and about. This eliminates the need to plan charging stops during long trips and allows for more flexibility in travel plans.


Tesla Charging stations are located at a variety of public locations, providing Tesla owners with access to charging when they need it. Tesla is also expanding its network, making charging more accessible than ever.


Tesla Charging stations are designed to charge vehicles quickly. In most cases, a Tesla can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes, providing ample time for a meal or short break.


Tesla Destination Charging is often free or significantly cheaper than other charging options. Some locations do charge a fee, but it is typically less expensive than other fast-charging options.

 Additional Business for Destination Owners

Hotels, restaurants, and other destination owners can benefit from Tesla Charging by attracting Tesla owners who may be looking for a place to charge their cars. This can lead to increased foot traffic and business for destination owners, particularly those located in areas with high Tesla ownership. Tesla offers destination owners several incentive programs, including discounted or free equipment and installation, marketing support, and preferential placement in the Tesla mobile app.

How much does Tesla Destination Charging cost?

Until recently, Tesla Destination Charging was free of charge. However, starting in September 2022, Tesla has announced a new paid charging model for Charging stations. According to Electrek, “Tesla is enabling the use of paid charging on Destination Chargers and is testing a new payment system at some charging stations.”

Tesla plans to charge around $0.50 per kWh for Destination Charging, which is roughly the same price as charging at home. The exact pricing may vary depending on the location and charging speed.

No, you do not need to sign up for Tesla Destination Charging. Simply find a destination charging location and plug your Tesla into the Wall Connector.


Tesla Destination Charging provides Tesla owners with a convenient and reliable way to charge their vehicles while they are out and about. With over 6,000 locations worldwide and more being added all the time, Tesla owners can rest assured that they will be able to find a charging station when they need it. And with Tesla’s new feature enabling paid charging, more businesses than ever before can participate in the Destination Charging network, making charging even more accessible for Tesla owners.


Do I need to sign up for Tesla Destination Charging?

No, you do not need to sign up for Tesla Destination Charging. Simply find a destination charging location and plug your Tesla into the Wall Connector.

How do I pay for Tesla Destination Charging?

Tesla is currently testing a new payment system for Charging stations, and it is not yet widely available. In the meantime, charging is free at select locations.

How long does it take to charge my Tesla at a Destination Charging station?

The charging time depends on your car’s battery level and the speed of the charging station. It takes 1-4 hours for a full charge, with an average charging speed of 20-30 miles per hour.

Are Tesla Destination Charging stations free to use?

Some Tesla Charging stations are free, but others may charge a fee. This fee is set by the location hosting the charging station.

 Can non-Tesla electric vehicles use Tesla Destination Charging stations?

 No, Tesla Charging stations are only compatible with Tesla electric vehicles.

How can I become a Tesla Destination Charging host location?

Interested parties can apply to become a Tesla Charging host location directly through the Tesla website.

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