Hyundai Will Offer an EV with Air Suspension System, Which Might Add Range and Protect the Battery from Damage 

ev with air suspension
Image Credit Green Car Reports

Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai will offer a new Air Suspension System for EVs, which might maximize range and protect battery packs from damage. EV with Air Suspension System is developed by Hyundai Mobis, which is the automaker’s mobility-tech supplier. Hyundai Mobis earlier showed a hardware set called “e-corner” that lets vehicles do Crab Walk for Turn on a Dime.   

Tesla and GMC are already using 

Hyundai Mobis has not discussed energy consumption, which is an issue in the past also with the use of air suspension in EVs. Tesla is incorporating air suspension in its vehicles for years. CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is optimistic that the air suspension in the upcoming Cybertruck will be a “game-changer.” 

The GMC- a division of American automotive manufacturer General Motors also offers air suspension in Hummer EV. The air suspension can lift the vehicle up to get maximum ground clearance for off-roading and can lower down also to reduce air friction. Just to add, the Air sedan from Lucid, is proud to share that it does not have the complexity and energy consumption of an air suspension.

Advantages of an Air Suspension System include- 

  • It gives more comfort and less fatigue to the driver due to the reduction in noise, less harshness, and low vibrations in the EV.  
  • Wear and tear of EVs is also reduced due to less harshness and vibration even during off roads.
  • Air suspension reduces the bounce over rougher roads even when the vehicle has fewer loads. 
  • Air suspension improves speed as the height of the EV can be adjusted based on the load weight and road.
  • Adjustment of ride height is good for the battery health including the range and fewer chances of damage.  

Disadvantages of an Air Suspension System include- 

  • High to very high initial costs of Air Suspension System and installing it. 
  • Running the compressors for occasionally pumping air to the correct pressure. 
  • Air Suspension Systems are heavy and thus increase EV weight. 
  • An air suspension system may develop mechanical issues including air leaks.

Hyundai already offers this suspension in gasoline vehicles, like the Palisade SUV, but not in an EV. However, Hyundai Mobis has convinced Hyundai to go for Air Suspension System on upcoming models.

Air suspension systems as used in production cars can raise and lower the ride height as per the Load, Speed, and Road conditions. Lifting or lowering can be done automatically by Sensors fitted at all four wheels or via driver input. 

Lowering the ride can reduce air resistance and improve efficiency. Raising the ride height can also be good as it helps keeps the low-slung battery packs out of damage. 

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