Revolve Electric Café Racer: Unleash the Power at 60 mph

Revolve Electric Café Racer

Beyond the well-known appearance of a cafe racer, which includes elements like lowered handlebars for a sportier riding posture, the Revolve Electric Café Racer has managed to capture the spirit of a cafe racer, which is quick, nimble, and affordable.

It certainly isn’t the fastest electric motorcycle, but it does manage to create a special mix between affordability, style, and speed. For those who are unaware of the cafe racer saga, young riders in England yearned for more thrill, speed, and style in the early 1950s and 1960s. But because there wasn’t a market for inexpensive, quick motorcycles in the 1950s, young people had to be creative. The term “cafe racer” refers to the way that bikes like Nortons and Triumphs were modified to make them as fast as possible while still being as inexpensive as feasible. Today’s buyers of quick and reasonably priced electric motorcycles are in a similar predicament, zealously looking for affordable, respectable speed, and a dash of style.

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The electric cafe racer costs $6,500, but despite not being a speed demon by any means, it does feature an aggressive riding stance, weighs only 240 pounds, and has a top speed of 60 mph. The electric cafe racer clearly reminds me of the older classic cafe racers, with the exception of a few special features, such as Bluetooth batteries, regenerative braking, temperature sensors, and a reverse feature (which is not expected to be needed frequently due to its low weight). Instead of using the most expensive components, it puts speed, cost, and style first. With a range of up to 70 miles and a pleasurable ride overall in sport mode, the 72v 50 ah battery and the 5000W/15000W peak motor work together to create this electric vehicle.

Revolve Electric Café Racer
Image Credit Revolve Electric Bikes

Low seating and a forward-leaning riding position, along with good-sized tires, give the ride a feeling of speed even when it stays under the legal speed limit of about 60 mph. Riding light motorcycles has a certain innate appeal; they inspire confidence when navigating, allowing for amusing, deliberate rear wheel skids and swift weaving around obstacles. Light motorcycles like the Revolve Electric Café Racer offer a certain sense of forgiving playfulness even though you won’t be able to outrun automobiles on it.

Even though the suspension, brakes, and pegs may not be as high-end as those found on more expensive bikes, they nevertheless contribute to a safe and comfortable ride. I discovered that the bike’s regenerative braking was effective enough to stop roughly 70% of the time. Additionally, it is particularly helpful when stopping through tight corners because, on a bike this light, engaging the rear brakes might cause the bike to lock up and skid more quickly than desired. The bike sits relatively low to the ground from the riding stance, which makes it simple to maneuver and lean into curves. I find it to be pretty exciting to race around town without having to worry about unintentionally applying too much throttle because to the bike’s simple handling and stability at speeds of 60 mph.

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Despite having a Chinese VIN, the electric cafe racer is still very much in the legal murky area even if it appears to be a street-legal motorcycle. While many people have successfully registered this bike using the VIN that the bike comes with, those are typically cases where the local DMV doesn’t check as much as they should and simply issues a plate with the VIN. The bike includes many of the parts necessary to officially become a street-legal bike in the United States. Although I wouldn’t bank on being able to register this bike with any DMV, for those willing to try their luck, it might just work.

The turn signals are made up of low-profile bullet-style LEDs akin to those found on vintage cafe racers. Rear drum brakes, rear dual spring shocks, short fenders, and an analog-styled speedometer are just a few of the elements on this bike that give it a surprisingly similar appearance to old-style cafe racers.

The only minor adjustments I would make to this bike are to provide for a little bit more room while leaning on curves and perhaps add bar end mirrors. Modifications like bar end mirrors, however, are more of a matter of personal taste and may give rise to legal problems depending on where you live. Despite having the name Revolve Electric Café Racer, the bike is unmistakably similar to the Chinese Denzel.

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