Ola’s Super-Fast “200 km” Ola Roadster Electric Scoop – Price, Range Leaked!

Ola Electric just unveiled its forthcoming lineup of Ola electric motorcycles. They came in the form of a Ola Cruiser, Ola Adventure, Ola Roadster, and the Ola Diamondhead, a futuristic-looking sportbike. They all have futuristic designs that are crisp and sporty.

There were few specifics about the bikes exhibited, and nearly no specifications were revealed. All four electric bikes, however, adhere to a futuristic design philosophy, and each represents the core of the category in terms of overall design silhouette and intended usage pattern.

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Design and Appearance

One of their electric motorcycle lineups is the Ola Roadster. Although the specifics are yet to be published, it was evident at the showcase that the Ola Roadster will have appealing features as well as an excellent athletic and futuristic style. It features an inverted fork, a mono-shock, disc brakes on both wheels and all-LED lighting.

It also indicates that the Roadster will be equipped with a chain drive mechanism rather of a rubber band and a mid-mounted motor.

The Ola Roadster will have better safety by having disc brakes on both ends, delivering a safe and sound driving experience. It will be a performance-oriented bike with low maintenance costs when compared to current sports bikes that require extensive upkeep.

The highest form of Ola’s electric scooter, the “Ola S1 Pro Gen.2,” now has a range of 180 kilometers and a top speed of 120 kilometers. This implies that the electric motorcycle will have far superior and higher specifications than the existing lineup.

Ola Roadster
Image Credit E-Vehicleinfo

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According to early predictions, the Ola Roadster will also feature a powerful electric engine with a top speed of roughly 130-140 km/h and a range of about 200 to 220 miles on a single charge.

Ola Roadster Date of Expected Release

Only the Ola Roadster electric bike was shown in bike shape among the four motorcycles, implying that it will be the first to be released. It appears to be the most realistic production model.

The Roadster is still in the manufacturing stage, with only ‘end 2024’ indicated in one of the presentation slides at the demonstration. As a result, the Roadster is expected to be released near the end of 2024, most likely in November or December. Its online pre-ordering will begin three to four months before its official release.

Ola Roadster Price Estimate

The Ola Roadster might start at more than Rs 2 lakhs, ex-showroom. The on-road price is expected to be higher than this. As of now, it is just speculation and expectation. However, the company will release more details about the bike in the following month. Stay tuned to E-vehicle Info for the most recent Ola Roadster electric motorbike developments.

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