BYD Unveils New Electric Supercar to Rival Ferrari and Lamborghini

Chinese automaker BYD Unveils New Electric Supercar – the Tang EV600 – a new supercar aimed at rivaling luxury performance brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The Tang EV600 was revealed at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. With a 0-60mph time of just 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 155mph, BYD claims the EV600 is the “world’s fastest production EV.”

The supercar features an all-wheel drive with dual high-performance electric motors, delivering a combined power output of 480kW (646hp). BYD says the EV600 utilizes “world-first” power battery technology, with blade-shaped cells for optimal cooling. The 90kWh battery provides an estimated range of 350 miles.

Stunning Design to Rival European Exotics

In terms of design, the Tang EV600 features exotic styling reminiscent of Italian performance brands. The hand-built two-seater has butterfly doors, aggressive sculpted lines, and a cockpit-style interior with digital displays and leather sports seats.

Exterior highlights include a front grille reminiscent of traditional combustion engine supercars, despite being fully electric. BYD says its design combines “the best of Eastern and Western philosophies.”

The EV600 will be offered in a variety of striking color options, including matte finishes. BYD aims to compete directly against ultra-luxury brands through a combination of high performance and visual flare.

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BYD Targets Wealthy Chinese Buyers

As the Tang EV600 nears production, BYD aims to appeal to wealthy Chinese buyers who have traditionally favored European exotics like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The EV600 is expected to be priced around $200,000 when sales begin in late 2023.

BYD Unveils New Electric Supercar

“Chinese consumers have become the world’s most demanding luxury buyers,” said BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu. “The Tang EV600 answers their desire for true world-class performance, design, and prestige from a domestic brand.”

BYD believes Chinese preferences are shifting towards high-end electric vehicles rather than traditional gas-powered supercars. The company aims to be at the forefront of this change in the world’s largest auto market.

“The Tang EV600 represents the next generation of intelligent green luxury vehicles,” added BYD President Stella Li. “We have poured all of BYD’s expertise into making an EV that sets new benchmarks for luxury and performance.”

Reaction from Industry Experts

Automotive analysts have reacted positively to BYD’s new Halo supercar.

“BYD is moving in exactly the right direction with the EV600,” commented Michael Dunne of ZoZo Go Consulting. “Chinese consumers are demanding more than just big numbers and specs – they want supercars that deliver emotional excitement. The EV600 nails the exotic supercar look while leveraging BYD’s strengths.”

Sam Abuelsamid of Guidehouse Insights said, “The Tang EV600 appears to be a serious attempt to challenge European automakers on their turf. BYD is sending a message that Chinese brands can compete not just on price, but on prestige and performance for wealthy buyers.”

Some are skeptical that BYD can match the cachet of iconic established luxury brands. “There’s still a gap in prestige that will be difficult to overcome,” noted Gartner analyst Mike Ramsey. “But BYD is moving the bar higher for Chinese automakers in the premium space.”

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Overall, the Tang EV600 is set to raise BYD’s profile globally when production begins for the Chinese market. The company ultimately hopes to expand sales worldwide as Chinese brands seek greater prestige on the world stage.

Source – Carlist

Quotes from BYD on the Tang EV600

Here are some additional quotes provided by BYD executives on the unveiling of the Tang EV600 electric supercar:

“The Tang EV600 represents a new pinnacle for Chinese automakers,” said BYD Senior Vice President Lian Yubo. “It combines breathtaking acceleration and handling with styling that competes with the best European supercars.”

“This is an iconic milestone for BYD,” added Senior Vice President Li Peng. “The EV600 proves we can create world-beating electric performance without the traditional limitations of gas engines or hybrid powertrains.”

“We have thrown down the gauntlet to Western automakers,” said BYD Design Director Wolfgang Egger. “The Tang EV600 offers buyers a stylish Chinese alternative to traditional German and Italian performance luxury brands.”

According to BYD North America Vice President Stella Li, “The EV600 leverages BYD’s leading battery technology to deliver an exhilarating zero-emissions driving experience. This cements BYD’s position at the cutting edge of the global auto industry’s electric vehicle revolution.”

Overall, BYD executives are confident the new EV600 supercar establishes the company as a legitimate contender in the luxury performance segment versus established European rivals. BYD aims to continue pushing boundaries in electric vehicle design and performance.

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