BatX Energies Launches Off-Grid Solar EV Charging Stations Using Repurposed MG Batteries

UK startup BatX Energies Launches Off-Grid Solar EV Charging Stations that repurpose used EV batteries to store renewable energy.

The company has launched its first solar EV charging sites in partnership with retail giant Tesco, providing drivers access to clean energy charging bays across supermarket car parks in the UK.

Powered Entirely by Solar Energy

“Our off-grid charging stations allow EV owners to top up their vehicles with solar energy during shopping trips and errands. Powered completely by the sun, our chargers eliminate dependence on fossil fuels from the grid,” said Dr. Edward Bright, Co-founder and CEO of BatX Energies.

Key to the system are lithium-ion batteries recovered from old electric MG cars which have degraded below automotive requirements. Still holding 70% capacity, these batteries are given a second-life storing solar energy to enable round-the-clock EV charging.

Repurposing Used EV Batteries

“Redeploying old EV batteries is a sustainable, cost-effective solution. We’ve shown used lithium-ion batteries can reliably support renewable energy projects while keeping thousands of tons of batteries from landfills,” explained BatX Co-founder Sonia Patel.

The startup has an agreement with MG Motor UK to obtain decommissioned batteries from their ZS electric SUVs. BatX claims its proprietary battery management technology can optimize the performance and lifespan of second-use EV batteries.

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Intelligent Solar Energy Storage

Solar panels feed each charging unit producing up to 5kW peak power. Energy is stored in a 15kWh battery bank housed in a secure container, keeping the batteries at optimal temperature.

Smart software monitors energy supply and demand, directing surplus solar power to the batteries for later use. This enables the charging stations to operate at night and during cloudy weather.

BatX Energies Launches Off-Grid Solar EV Charging Stations
Source – The Green Living Guy

Charging Compatible With All EVs

The BatX charging stations feature CCS and CHAdeMO plugs compatible with every EV model. With up to 22kW output, most EVs can be charged from zero to 80% in under an hour depending on the model.

Charging rates are competitively priced and users can pay via contactless cards or a mobile app. BatX manages the entire charging network remotely while Tesco provides the site facilities.

Accelerating the EV Transition

BatX Energies is focused on accelerating EV adoption in the UK by providing accessible solar-powered charging solutions.

“Our innovative EV charging model advances renewable energy goals while supporting the decarbonization of transportation,” said Dr. Bright.

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The company plans to roll out its nationwide off-grid charging network across retail locations. Interest is also coming from other commercial property owners seeking sustainable EV charging services.

With transport being the largest emitting sector in the UK, startups like BatX are demonstrating how innovation in EVs, batteries, and renewable energy can overhaul systems to cut emissions.

“Reusing EV batteries is the missing link to enable solar at scale while making EVs greener. Our chargers prove second-life batteries are a potent resource.” – Dr. Edward Bright, BatX Co-founder and CEO.

“BatX has built a smart energy management system that optimizes solar power and storage. Their charging solution is groundbreaking for emissions-free mobility.” – Clara Smith, Clean Transport Analyst.

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