Activesphere Concept AWD Electric Vehicle by Audi is a Master of Metamorphosis

Activesphere Concept AWD Electric Vehicle
Image Credit InsideEVs

Audi AWD Electric Vehicle

Audi has presented its vision for future electrified driving in the form of the Activesphere Concept AWD Electric Vehicle. It is the fourth vehicle in its sphere of futuristic autonomous all-electric prototypes. The earlier three include the Skysphere roadster having a variable wheelbase, the Grandsphere large D-segment sedan, and the Urbansphere compact MPV having big interior space.

Activesphere can easily transform into a go-anywhere off-road pickup from a sporty autonomous, long-range highway cruiser in moments. Put simply it has a mighty morphing body- “a master of metamorphosis.”

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Originally it is a sleek four-door SUV which has big wheels and a slope back roof. The vehicle has an Active Back, which means the electric vehicle Activesphere can transform into a pickup truck just by the push of a button. Off course, it is not a big cargo vehicle as the whole car is 196 inches (498 centimeters) long. But for sure it has enough space to accommodate a pair of e-bikes or winter and water sports gear.

Activesphere concept electric vehicle is based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture of Audi. The concept electric vehicle uses an 800-volt charging system. The vehicle has a claimed maximum estimated range of over 372 miles (600 kilometers) on a single charge from a 100-kWh battery.

The concept electric vehicle comes fitted with two electric motors, one for each axle. The two motors provide AWD capabilities and provide a combined output of 325 kW and 720 Newton meters of torque.

The concept EV from Audi also has Adaptive Air Suspension. The suspension of Activesphere can be raised and lowered by 1.5 inches (40 millimeters) from its standard position. The EV has a maximum ground clearance of 9.76 inches (248 mm). The prototype has transparent glass surfaces on the bottom of the doors and up-front, to help with visibility during running a rough off-road track.

It is important to add that the Activesphere concept is conceived and designed in Malibu, California. The electric vehicle is not intended to go into production. Rather, Audi wishes to show as how they envision the future of all-electric, autonomous cars. This is as with the Skysphere, Grandsphere, and Urbansphere concepts. 

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