Lucid Motors California Will Supply Front-Drive Units Named “Micromotor” for Formula E Cars

Formula E Cars
Image Credit Green Car Reports

Lucid Motors Micromotor

The EV start-up California’s Lucid Motors has revealed the supply of standard front-drive units. These high-tech units will be supplied to “the world’s leading single-seater electric racing series”- known as Formula E Cars.

The latest electric motor from Lucid Motors for Formula E has a Big Punch in a Small Package. 

The weight is just 70.5 pounds but will produce 469 horsepower of power. It will have up to 19,500 rpm as the maximum rotor speed. The unit that Lucid is supplying has a stunning 14.7 hp/kg and combines the motor, differential, transmission, and inverter. 

Officially known as ABB FIA Formula E World Championship-Formula E is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars.

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The teams can choose their own rear motor unit, however, will use the Lucid unit up front, mounted in the nose of race cars. The unit will primarily help the front wheels recover up to 250 kW of regenerative energy. So, the maximum regeneration capability is almost doubled in the Gen 3 car. The total regeneration capability is now 600 kw. Moreover, the car itself is lighter and more agile, which will help make the races more exciting in the current session. 

The front-drive unit is named “micromotor” by Lucid. It is nearly a half-scale version of the present motor unit in the Lucid Air. Lucid Air is claimed as the longest range, and fastest charging luxury electric car.

The “micromotor” has some of the same design traits, as in Lucid Air EVs, such as the microjet cooling strategy and continuous-wave winding. 

It is not the first time when Lucid is associated with Formula E for some key component. Lucid supplied 54-kWh battery packs for Formula E Cars’s Gen 2 cars. These battery packs transformed the race series, as they allowed a single charge for each race, instead of two separate cars. 

Now Lucid Motors reminded that their engineers know how to fill big power in a small package. The experts at Lucid have proved that it is not the size of the motor that matters, rather what matters is the Power. The new unit is only 10.2 inches wide, 13.5 inches long, and 10.5 inches tall. 

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