Zeekr rolls first X SUVs off the assembly line, first deliveries this month

No, that is not the number ten. The first models of ZEEKR’s new “X” SUV have rolled off the assembly lines in China, less than two months after its first launch. As it develops outside of China into new countries, the automaker sees the SUV as a competitor to Tesla and premium automakers.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd (Geely), the parent firm, introduced ZEEKR as a new luxury EV automobile brand in March 2021. Just over two years later, the EV automaker has produced 100,000 EVs across two models, with a third on the way.

It’s all part of an ambitious 2023 strategy that includes a fourth model, a possible IPO, and a European expansion. We knew a third model, supposed to be dubbed the 003, was on the way thanks to that update, but we soon learned ZEEKR was calling it the X – its first SUV.

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Image Credit Automotive News

By mid-April, ZEEKR had officially released the X SUV in China for less than $30,000, with the purpose of stealing customers away from other EV automakers such as Tesla.

ZEEKR X deliveries are scheduled this month, with the EU to follow.

ZEEKR announced its rapid production progress in a recent Weibo post, including the featured image above, which shows assembly line workers gathered around the initial construction. The caption for the post was also included:

The first batch of production vehicles officially rolled off the manufacturing line after 56 days from launch to the assembly line, reviving ZEEKR’s speed.

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The first SUVs will be transported to corporate outlets in various locations throughout China, with initial customer deliveries slated to commence in mid-June. It is available in three models, with prices ranging from RMB 189,800 ($26,700) to RMB 209,800 ($29,500).

Image Credit cnEVPost

When the X SUV was first introduced, ZEEKR stated that deliveries would begin in China in June, followed by Europe, and then “Asian markets outside of China.” However, no additional specifics were offered.

Whatever the market, ZEEKR believes its new EV is a premium, inexpensive small SUV that will appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers while also propelling the firm to the top three. According to ZEEKR CEO Any An, the X SUV would include luxury amenities such as 5G AI, facial recognition, and an optional in-vehicle refrigerator.

With manufacturing now begun, ZEEKR aims to fulfill its pledge to deliver at least 40,000 X SUVs this year.

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