Volvo to open new tech hub in Poland to develop future EV software in-house

Volvo tech hub

Volvo Cars has announced intentions to open a new “Tech Hub” in Krakow, Poland, by the end of the year. The EV automaker’s new European presence will act as a crucial software development center as it strives to go totally electric by 2030.

Volvo Cars has made significant strides in embracing the movement since proclaiming its goal of becoming an entirely-EV brand by the end of the decade, while also striving to create the technology to help it get there.

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Volvo has been preparing for its biggest overhaul since being acquired by Geely Holding Group in 2010, aiming to convert its complete array of base models to BEVs over the next several years. The automaker’s present EV lineup is still limited, but it is expanding, with sales more than doubling in 2022, along with record-breaking income.

Volvo to open new tech hub
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Volvo Cars is bracing for a potentially difficult year owing to ongoing supply chain issues, but it remains hopeful that its EV sales surge will continue. The new EX90, which its maker describes as the “safest vehicle it has ever produced,” has the potential to significantly boost Volvo’s global sales.

Volvo Cars aspires to become a global leader in innovative EV technologies, specifically, software created in-house, as it seeks to lead by example in pushing electrification. We discovered today that much of the software technology used in future Volvo EVs will be developed in Poland.
Volvo has designated Poland as a new software development hotspot.

Volvo Cars announced its intentions for Poland today, including the establishment of a new Tech Hub in Krakow, the country’s second-largest city after Warsaw, its capital. The new hub, according to the carmaker, will be fully responsible for creating complete key features for upcoming BEVs, including as core safety, perception, driver aid, and autonomous driving capabilities.

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As evidenced by the aforementioned EX90, Volvo’s vehicles, like all EVs, are becoming increasingly software-defined, paving the way for automakers to capture a larger share of the market by delivering vehicles that are not only more technologically advanced than competitors but also have the ability to improve over time via over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Volvo recognizes this and has stated that it is investing heavily in the new Tech Hub and its technical workforce in order to speed its transformation into an EV software leader. Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars, spoke:

Because we are a purpose-driven and technology-driven firm, our next generation of Volvo vehicles will be more than just transportation. They’ll be mobile computers that can be upgraded with fresh software over the air. That means that expanding our in-house software development capabilities and our Krakow tech cluster are critical to our future success.

Volvo chose Poland is a new software development mecca

Volvo says it chose Krakow after careful consideration since it has had a presence in Poland for over 30 years and sees the city as a growing innovation magnet with a substantial existing telecom sector. It claims it is setting up shop in Krakow ahead of its competitors and plans to capitalize on the untapped talent pool.

Volvo Cars expect the new center to open by the end of the year with roughly 120 employees before rising to 500 to 600 employees in Krakow alone by the middle of the decade. When completed, the Krakow Tech Hub will be added to Volvo’s existing hubs in Stockholm and Lund, Sweden. According to Hanna Fager, chief people officer, the organization is already attempting to recruit the top engineering minds:

By being present in strategically significant places, we hope to attract and recruit elite talent from around the world. Our new Krakow Tech Hub is a prime illustration of this. So, if you want to shape the future of mobility with a brand that is at the forefront of technological progress, and you want to be a part of maintaining our strong culture and values, Volvo Cars is the place for you.

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