Volvo car goes leather-free in all its future EVs

Following recent research describing the future of sustainable luxury materials, Volvo car goes leather-free materials in all of its planned electric vehicles. The historic automaker’s ethical approach stems from a desire to encourage animal welfare and sustainability by employing recycled components that retain excellent quality.

Volvo is a worldwide heritage carmaker that is making significant efforts toward electrification and carbon neutrality across its various marques and manufacturing processes. We announced in May that Volvo Group has accomplished its first carbon-neutral vehicle plant in Sweden, as part of previously stated ambitions to attain complete climate neutrality by 2040.

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Another of Volvo’s climate targets is to have 50% of its global car sales be electric by 2025, and to only sell EVs by 2030. This features the XC40 Recharge, a fully-electric variant of the same-named ICE vehicle.

Volvo car goes leather-free
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Other BEVs will follow the electric XC40, including the C40 Recharge and an anticipated electrified version of the XC90 SUV. In addition to its climate pledge, Volvo is thinking about animal welfare and sustainable methods of sourcing and deploying sustainable materials.

These leather-free materials will be standard on all future Volvo EVs, beginning with the C40 Recharge.

Volvo Cars promises that all upcoming electric vehicles will be leather-free.

Volvo Cars has announced plans to eliminate all leather from the interiors of all next electric vehicles in a news statement. Concerns about the negative environmental implications of cattle rearing, such as deforestation, drove the Swedish automaker’s move toward leather-free interiors.

As an alternative to leather, Volvo Cars will offer future consumers high-quality, sustainable materials made from bio-based and recyclable sources.

Volvo car goes leather-free
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The news also comes on the heels of a recent paper titled The Rise of Conscious Design, which Volvo Cars produced in partnership with a trend-predicting firm called The Future Laboratory.

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The Volvo C40 Recharge’s interior door is composed of recycled PET bottles and cork.
Nordico, a novel material designed by Volvo manufactured from recycled PET bottles, bio-attributed material from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland, and corks reclaimed from the wine industry are among the non-leather alternatives that will premiere in Volvo’s next C40 Recharge EV

Volvo plans to have 25% of the material in new vehicles be recycled or bio-based by 2025 and to be a fully circular business by 2040.

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