Volkswagen’s ‘Glamper Van’ is an electric minibus designed for festivals

With its new ID, Volkswagen hopes to elevate your next festival experience.” Glamper Van” is a viral phenomenon. For an amazing experience, the electric minibus is fully equipped with an Instagram-ready photo booth.

Volkswagen’s classic microbus has got an electric makeover. Last March, the German manufacturer unveiled the ID.Buzz electric van, extending electrification into a new market.

The electric van generated quite a “buzz” across Europe, with over 21,000 orders received by the time it arrived at showrooms last year. Volkswagen’s business sector delivered over 6,000 ID.Buzz models by the end of 2022, with 26,600 orders.

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The ID.Buzz (European version) has an 82 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 201 hp electric motor, with a driving range of up to 258 miles.

Although the electric van is unlike many other vehicles you’ve driven, it’s a fun, spacious ride with plenty of possibilities.

Glamper Van
Image Credit Electrek

The ID. Buzz’s most recent application is to enhance your festival experience. VW Commercial Vehicles debuted the Glamper Van electric minibus, which is festival-ready.

Meet VW’s new Glamper Van electric festival minibus.
The Glamper Van is based on the ID.Buzz Cargo and comes in a variety of colorful styles. According to Volkswagen, the electric minibus will offer “an extra sparkle to this festival season.”

VW’s Glamper Van is built for festivalgoers, equipped with an Instagram-ready photo booth, ornamental plants and flowers, colorful signs, seating, and lighting. It even comes with a camera and a makeover filter to help you “capture the festival atmosphere.”

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The ID.Buzz Cargo is built for nearly every trade, with a range of up to 254 miles, a big cargo space with a loading volume of up to 3.9 cubic meters, numerous of charging connections, a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and other amenities to make your life easier.

The one-of-a-kind Glamper Van will make its debut on July 21 at PennFest 2023, a music event in Buckinghamshire, UK. It will appear alongside the ID.Buzz.

ABT, a major German auto tuner, even designed solar panels that fit on the roof of the electric minibus, adding approximately 1,864 miles (3,000 km) of range each year. You may also utilize it to provide off-grid electricity and elevate your festival by powering lights, music, and entertainment.

Despite this, Volkswagen did reveal the much-anticipated three-row ID.For those of you in the United States, Buzz, delivery are not expected until next year. In the meantime, check out some of the great features we saw at VW’s North American ID.Buzz reveal.

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