Tesla FSD Beta V11 is Expected to go for a Wide Release this Weekend, may be better than a Capable Human Driver

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta v11 is expected to go for a wide release very soon. Elon Musk tweeted that this weekend (18 March 2023), V11 should see a wide release. FSD Beta v11 from Tesla is both an exciting as well a scary step, v11 is expected to merge the FSD and Autopilot highway stacks of Tesla.

Tesla FSD v11

This is exciting news for nearly 400,000 users who have paid for Full Self-Driving- FSD in the USA and Canada. Currently Full Self-Driving program is active in these countries. As most of these owners have not received significant FSD beta updates. The release of v11 was expected in November 2022, however, the update was stuck in testing within the closed fleet of Tesla.

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It is important to share that in Beta FSD Tesla vehicles can drive autonomously to a destination fed into the navigation system of the car. However, the driver needs to remain vigilant and active to take control at any time. As the responsibility lies with the driver and not with the vehicle, the Beta FSD is considered only a level 2 driver-assist system. 

The update FSD Beta v11 

The update v11 is an important and big step. The update includes many new neural networks. As a consumer, the update is also important because it is may merge the FSD Beta software stack of Tesla, which is primarily used on roads & city streets with the Autopilot software stack, which is used as a level 2 driver-assist system for highways. Autopilot software stack relies on many single-camera & single-frame networks. 

However, the FSD Beta v11 will use multi-camera video networks along with the next-gen planner. The system will allow for complex interactions with less reliance on lanes. The overall system will make the EV to be more intelligent with smoother control & better decision-making.

The Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1, yet to see a full release to consumers, has been received well by the company’s veteran testers. On seeing the clips showcasing V11.3.1’s capabilities some users are so impressed, that they even feel that the new system drives better than a capable human driver in some situations.

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