Teledriving Mobility Service VAY Expands Remote EV Delivery in the US

Teledriving Mobility Service VAY
Image Credit Electrek

Teledriving Mobility Service VAY has announced an expansion of its remote electric vehicle (EV) delivery service in the United States. This article explores the details of VAY’s remote EV delivery service and its implications for the growing demand for contactless services and advanced technology integration in the EV sector.

The Concept of Remote EV Delivery 

VAY’s remote EV delivery service utilizes teledriving technology, allowing trained remote drivers to operate and deliver vehicles without being physically present in the car. This innovative approach incorporates real-time video streaming, advanced sensors, and teleoperation systems to ensure secure and efficient control of the EVs during the delivery process. The concept of remote EV delivery offers convenience, enhances customer experience, and contributes to sustainable transportation by reducing carbon emissions.

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Expansion and Market Potential 

With its expansion, VAY aims to meet the growing demand for remote EV delivery services and capture a significant market share in the US. By providing a hassle-free and contactless experience, VAY addresses the evolving needs of consumers seeking convenient, on-demand services while prioritizing environmental sustainability. The ability to remotely deliver EVs offers a seamless customer experience and facilitates the wider adoption of electric mobility.

Embracing Advanced Technologies 

VAY’s expansion aligns with the industry’s trend towards digitization and advanced technology integration. As the automotive sector embraces innovative solutions, remote delivery services like VAY’s exemplify leveraging technology to enhance customer experience and redefine traditional business models. Through teledriving technology, VAY showcases the potential for remote operations and highlights the industry’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer expectations in an increasingly connected and autonomous future.

Reflecting EV Adoption and Popularity 

The expansion of VAY’s remote EV delivery service reflects the increasing adoption and popularity of electric vehicles in the US. As EV sales continue to rise due to environmental concerns, government incentives, and battery technology advancements, the need for efficient and convenient delivery options becomes evident. VAY’s service addresses this demand, making it easier for customers to access and experience electric mobility while contributing to a cleaner and sustainable transportation landscape.


Teledriving Mobility Service VAY’s expansion of its remote EV delivery service in the US demonstrates the significance of contactless services and advanced technologies in the automotive industry. With the growing adoption of EVs, VAY’s service offers convenience and supports the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation.

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