Tata Power and Zoomcar join hands to push electric vehicle adoption in India

Indian utility company Tata Power and Zoomcar have announced a partnership to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

The relationship will focus on aiding present and aspiring EV owners, as well as Zoomcar’s existing clients, by promoting Tata Power’s EZ Charge points on the Zoomcar platform.

Tata Power EV Charging Solutions Ltd (TPEVCSL) and Zoomcar announced a partnership to encourage electric vehicle adoption in India on Thursday. Tata Power said in a statement that they will also provide a “seamless” and user-friendly charging experience at their stations around the country.

Tata Power’s EZ Charge stations have EV charging stations. It has about 50,000 home chargers, 4370 public and semi-public charging stations, and 250 bus charging stations spread throughout 350 cities and highways. It plans to install 25,000 charging stations across India by 2028.

Tata Power developed an RFID card in July that allows EV users to commence charging by touching the card on any EZ charger in the country.

Tata Power and Zoomcar
Image Credit Zee Business

The collaboration, according to the company’s statement, aims to promote Tata Power’s EZ Charge points on the Zoomcar platform and will focus on serving existing and aspiring EV owners, as well as Zoomcar’s existing clients.

“Valuable insights on Tata Power’s extensive network of EZ Charge points across the country will provide these customers with easy access to streamline the EV charging process and address the challenges that are frequently associated with using charging infrastructure.” This will encourage more people to post their EVs on Zoomcar’s platform, as well as potential buyers to choose them,” the company added.

Zoomcar is a car-sharing platform with over 20,000 vehicles.

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“Our car-sharing platform is perfectly suited for electric vehicles, and we expect our platform to grow by 50% by 2025.” “This mutual partnership is poised to create a comprehensive ecosystem that meets the evolving needs of EV enthusiasts,” said Zoomcar co-founder and CEO Greg Moran.

“As India’s leading EV charging infrastructure provider, we are constantly collaborating with industry partners such as Zoomcar to develop a technologically advanced and robust EV ecosystem in the country,” said Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD of Tata Power.

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