EV Revolution: M&M and Volkswagen Join Forces for EV Components

M&M and Volkswagen Join Forces for Electric vehicle components of the German automaker’s open platform for electric vehicles, known as MEB.

.” The Volkswagen Group is now in advanced talks with Mahindra as a potential new collaboration partner.” Mahindra intends to incorporate important MEB components such as e-drive and unified cells in its models, according to a Volkswagen group statement.

The unified cell, according to Volkswagen, is the fundamental lever for reducing battery prices by up to 50% compared to the first generation of MEB.

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“With PowerCo, the group is integrating the development and production of battery cells into its value chain.” The goal is to maintain a large portion of the value created by a fully electric vehicle within the company.

M&M and Volkswagen
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The standardized cell factory, as well as other breakthroughs like dry coating and low-cost cell chemistry free of cobalt and nickel. This makes e-mobility more accessible and sustainable for a greater part of the population,” according to the statement.

The two firms announced a collaboration in 2022 to examine the possibility of forming an alliance to accelerate electrification in the country and supply MEB electric components for Mahindra’s electric vehicles.

For its electric vehicles, M&M will use the MEB platform. Five products from the company’s new INGLO platform for electric vehicles will be introduced.

Mahindra & Mahindra will launch Born Electric (BE), XUV.e, THAR.e, SCORPIO.e, and BOLERO.e. On August 15, the business unveiled the THAR electric car prototype in Cape Town, South Africa.

The electric vehicles will be built in the company’s Chakan plant, which has a capacity of 200,000 vehicles. Electric vehicle production will reach maximum capacity between 2027 and 2029.

Furthermore, M&M has announced that in phase 2 of its expansion, the business intends to enter new worldwide markets for its electric vehicles, including the United Kingdom and Europe.

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