Japanese Nissan Now Aims to Catch Up With Tesla in The USA and Volkswagen Group in Europe

Nissan introduced the EV model Leaf in Japan and the United States in December 2010. It is the world’s first mass-produced BEV.  Nissan now aims to catch up with Tesla in the USA and Volkswagen Group in Europe.

Nissan Motor Co Ltd has not only raised its electrified car sales targets but also will boost power train production in the United States.  The company looks to hit the EV segment which is currently dominated by relatively new EV makers such as Tesla.

The Japanese automaker was among the first in the electric vehicles segment with BEV- Leaf. However, the company could not do good in the EV segment as competition from smart new entrants was very high.

Nissan for Higher EV targets

As the number of nations imposing deadlines to phase out ICE-based cars is increasing day by day, Nissan also aims to have a good number of electrified vehicles. These EVs include advanced hybrid e-power cars. Nissan wishes to make up over 55% of global sales by fiscal 2030 to come from its electric vehicle segment. This 55% includes the sales from Nissan’s luxury brand INFINITI. The EV mix is expected to increase to 44% by fiscal 2026, an earlier target was of 40% only.

Nissan now plans 27 new electrified vehicles by fiscal 2030, out of which 19 will be all-battery EVs. The earlier plan was for 23 electrified vehicles having only 15 all-battery EVs.

Inflation Reduction Act, USA

Nissan also plans to manufacture Electric Power Trains at its Decherd plant in Tennessee, the USA. This will help to comply with the requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act, USA. However, Nissan has an EV production facility at its Smyrna and Tennessee plant. 

The company is also searching for a second source of batteries produced in the USA. This additional source will add to the existing supply from Envision AESC- Automotive Energy Supply Corporation. Nissan is confident to fully comply with the Inflation Reduction Act as the localization of battery production commences in 2026.

Nissan now expects 98 % of its sales in Europe to be full-electric or hybrid in fiscal 2026. Earlier the target was 75% set in November 2021. 

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