Innovative Battery Cooling Plates to a Major German Vehicle Manufacturer in Europe and the USA by BorgWarner

BorgWarner to supply Major German Vehicle

BorgWarner is going to supply innovative battery cooling plates to a major German vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the USA. The cooling plates will be used for the next generation of electric vehicles. The cooling plates give cooling capacity in a more compact package. The compactness helps in reducing the weight and cost. The design of the cooling plates also compensates for assembly tolerances. BorgWarner Inc. is an American automotive supplier. It has headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The company is collaborating with this “customer” for over 30 years as a technical partner. BorgWarner is contributing to many new technologies that the “customer” has used in its vehicles.  Now the customer is extending the relationship by using the cooling components for the battery systems in their latest EV development platforms. 

The “customer” may be BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, or some other brand, which may be using BorgWarner inter-cell cooling plates to optimize the battery pack performance. The cooling plates of BorgWarner ensure optimal contact with battery cells to provide efficient heat exchange.

The Battery Cooling Plates to a Major German Vehicle which are developed by BorgWarner have extruded aluminum profiles. These aluminum profile snakes between the rows of cylindrical battery cells. The cooling plates in the system are interconnected at the ends by a pipe. Coolant is circulated in pipes to manage the temperature of the cells.

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BorgWarner is a market leader in Exhaust Gas Recirculation cooler technology. The company’s expertise in thermal management makes the company a pioneer of developments in the battery cooling market segment. The global manufacturing facilities and technical systems at 93 sites in 22 countries worldwide ensure reliable supply to ensure the production schedules of their customers. BorgWarner with around 49,000 employees is among the 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world.

It is more than 130 years since BorgWarner is a transformative global product leader in the mobility innovation segment. Now they are accelerating the transition to eMobility in the world. This is to help build a cleaner and safer future for all.

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