Experience the Speed of the CSC E-RT3 – The Ultimate 75 mph Electric Scooter


CSC Motorcycles has unveiled its latest creation, the CSC E-RT3, a high-speed seated electric scooter capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 mph. This exciting launch has garnered attention from eco-conscious city commuters and adventure-seekers alike.

The Specification Powerhouse

Equipped with a potent electric motor, the CSC E-RT3 delivers impressive power, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate urban streets and conquer challenging terrains. Its 11kW motor provides an exhilarating experience, ensuring a swift and smooth ride.

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Elevated Speed and Efficiency

With a top speed of 75 mph, the CSC E-RT3 outpaces many conventional scooters. Its superior speed, paired with an efficient battery system, ensures extended range, making it practical for longer trips without frequent recharging.

Comfort and Style

The CSC E-RT3 boasts a comfortable seating design that enhances the rider’s experience, promising a smooth and enjoyable journey. Its sleek aesthetics and modern lines not only catch the eye but also elevate the scooter’s overall appeal.

Image Credit CSC Motorcycles

Top-of-the-Line Safety Features

CSC Motorcycles has prioritized safety and equipped the CSC E-RT3 with advanced features. The scooter features a robust braking system with front and rear disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power. The dual-sport suspension provides a smooth ride and better handling, enhancing overall rider control. A digital display keeps riders informed about speed, battery level, and other crucial information, ensuring a safe and informed ride.

Eco-Friendly Advantages

As an electric scooter, the CSC E-RT3 is environmentally friendly, emitting zero tailpipe emissions. This clean and green transportation solution aligns with the global shift towards sustainable mobility, making it an appealing choice for conscientious individuals.


The CSC E-RT3’s launch as a high-speed seated electric scooter offers an impressive package of power, speed, comfort, and eco-friendliness. With its sleek design and advanced features, this scooter is set to revitalize urban commuting and provide thrilling adventures for enthusiasts seeking a modern, sustainable mode of transportation.

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