Dhruv Vidyut Review: Converting My Bike to Electric

Like many city dwellers, I rely on my trusty bicycle for most of my daily transportation needs. Running errands around town or getting to the office would be easier with my two-wheeled companion.

But as I’m getting older, those extended uphill climbs and long-distance commutes are becoming more challenging. I’ve contemplated purchasing an electric bike, but the prices of ₹30,000 or more for pre-built e-bikes were out of my budget.

That’s when I came across the Dhruv Vidyut electric bike conversion kit. For around ₹20,000, I could transform my existing bicycle into an electric bike. This affordable DIY solution seemed perfect for giving my reliable old bike some electrified new life.

In this Dhruv Vidyut review, I’ll share my first-hand experience selecting, installing, and riding a Dhruv Vidyut e-bike conversion kit to electrify my favourite bicycle.

Why I Choose the Dhruv Vidyut E-Bike Kit

As I researched options for adding electric pedal assist to my bike, Dhruv Vidyut stood out for a few key reasons:

Price – At ₹20,000 to ₹25,000 for a full kit, the cost was nearly half that of a new e-bike.

Positive Reviews – I found many positive Dhruv Vidyut reviews and testimonials online from satisfied customers.

DIY Installation – I’m pretty handy and liked that the kit could be self-installed without paying for professional help.

Local Support – Technical guidance and customer service based in India was reassuring.

Customizable Components – I could select the perfect motor, battery and accessories to match my needs and budget.

For an affordable, customizable e-bike conversion, Dhruv Vidyut checked all the boxes.

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Selecting My Dhruv Vidyut Components

The modular nature of Dhruv Vidyut’s kits means you can customize exactly which components to get. For my bike, I chose:

250W rear hub motor – Provides good assist without overwhelming my bike’s handling.

10 Ah lead-acid battery – Lead-acid is cheaper and good enough for my short urban commute.

Basic throttle control – No need for fancy displays since I use a phone GPS app.

Front basket – Useful for carrying items from the market.

Rear rack – Let me strap on a duffel bag or backpack when needed.

I could have spent more on a bigger lithium-ion battery or accessories, but this setup met my needs without going overboard.

Performing the DIY Installation

Dhruv Vidyut
Image Credit: Voltebyk Electric Cycle

With my Dhruv Vidyut components ordered, it was time for the fun part – installing them on my bike myself!

The process was surprisingly straightforward, using Dhruv Vidyut’s detailed online installation guides. The steps included:

  • Removing the rear wheel and replacing it with the motorized wheel.
  • Attaching the throttle control mount to my handlebars.
  • Securing the battery pack to the bike frame with the included straps.
  • Connecting all the wiring between the components.
  • Testing the motor and making sure everything is powered on.

Using just some simple hand tools, I had everything installed in under an hour without any issues – way simpler than I expected!

My First Ride With the New E-Bike

Dhruv Vidyut
Image Credit: Recharged Commute-

After completing the installation, I was eager to take my “new” electric bike for a maiden voyage. I started on a familiar, gently sloping road near my apartment.

Twisting the throttle for the first time, the bike surged forward with the electric motor kicking in – it almost felt like I was on a motorcycle! It took a bit of practice to blend my pedalling with the electric assist smoothly.

But within a few minutes, I had the hang of it. Cruising along at 20 kph with barely any effort felt amazing. I played around with different throttle levels until I found a natural cadence.

By the end of my 30-minute test ride, I knew this conversion kit was going to be a game-changer for my daily commute!

Using My Dhruv Vidyut E-bike for Daily Commuting

After several weeks of daily use commuting around the city, the Dhruv Vidyut kit has performed flawlessly.

My 30-minute trip to the office is now easily completed without breaking a sweat or getting exhausted. I still pedal but use the motor assist to avoid overexertion.

The battery easily lasts for my entire work trip plus errands over a few days before needing a recharge. For longer rides on the weekend, I bring along a spare battery pack.

The conversion has also simplified grocery runs and other errands within my neighbourhood that were tedious on a traditional bike.

Pros of the Dhruv Vidyut Conversion

Here are some of the biggest benefits I’ve experienced from the Dhruv Vidyut electric bike kit:

Total cost – At around ₹20,000 all-in, it was very affordable compared to a new e-bike.

Extended range and reduced effort – I can now comfortably ride 3-4x longer distances thanks to the motor assist. Hills are no problem at all.

Faster average speed – I can maintain 15-20 kph averages if needed to get somewhere quicker.

Fun factor – It adds excitement to cycling and makes running errands more enjoyable.

Eco-friendly – I’m relying less on petrol scooters and cars for transportation.

Exercise – Pedaling is still an active workout, but I avoid overexertion thanks to the motor.

Overall, riding my electrified bike with the Dhruv Vidyut kit has been a fantastic experience. It has really expanded my transportation possibilities.

Minor Downsides to Consider

No product is perfect, so here are a few minor disadvantages I’ve noticed from the conversion:

  • Shorter battery range compared to premium e-bikes
  • Heavier weight than a normal bike
  • Lead-acid battery needs more frequent charging than lithium-ion
  • Still not quite as fast uphill as a motorcycle

However, these tradeoffs were well worth it for the huge cost savings and hassle-free installation.

Who is the Dhruv Vidyut Kit Best Suited For?

Dhruv Vidyut
Image Credit: Electrek

Based on my experience, a Dhruv Vidyut e-bike conversion makes the most sense for:

Urban commuters – Perfect for 5-15 km trips around congested cities.

College students – An affordable option for those on a student budget.

Delivery workers – Lengthens delivery range while reducing physical demands.

Casual riders – Provides an extra boost for recreational rides on weekends.

Parents hauling kids – Helps power through those extra kilos of child weight.

Fitness enthusiasts – Get a workout while extending your distance.

If you fall into one of those categories, I highly recommend the Dhruv Vidyut kit to electrify your trusty bicycle affordably.

Final Verdict on My Dhruv Vidyut Review

Converting my bike to electric with the Dhruv Vidyut DIY kit has been a game-changing transportation upgrade. It exceeded my expectations for improving my daily commuting and errands.

At just half the cost of a new e-bike, it was an affordable way to experience the benefits of electric assist. The DIY installation was straightforward, following Dhruv Vidyut’s instructions.

I’m a customer for life and can’t imagine going back to a traditional bike for my transportation needs around the city. For urban riders seeking an economical path to electric mobility, a Dhruv Vidyut conversion kit earns my highest recommendation.

Have you converted your bicycle to electric? Let me know your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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