This Mini EV Could Be Perfect on Crowded Places and In Narrow Lanes

Israeli electric vehicle start-up  City Transformer aims to launch small urban CT-2 model in Western Europe. 

City Transformer has chosen a factory in Western Europe to have initial production of 15,000 vehicles per year by the end of 2024.

The CT-2 from City Transformer is already approved for use by the European Union and Britain.

The model CT-2 has a range of 112 miles (180 KMs) and it is 1 meter (3.28 ft) wide in "City Mode."

The EV's wheel base can be expanded to 1.4 meters for "performance mode,”.

In performance mode the top speed may be up to 56 miles (90 Kms) per hour. Nearly double of City Mode.

The CT-2 weighs in at 450 kilograms (0.5 ton), the EV can fit two people sitting in tandem.

The EV may be used for last-mile delivery or other businesses.

The CT-2 will cost 16,000 euros ($17,400) before taxes. 

City Transformer is following the EU for subsidies for smaller EVs like the CT-2 .