The World's First DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger Unveiled by Enteligent California

Groundbreaking Innovation

Enteligent California introduces the world's first DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger at Intersolar North America 2023.

Efficient Charging  Solution

This cutting-edge charger harnesses solar energy, enabling EVs to be charged directly from renewable sources.

Optimal Energy Conversion

The charger's DC-to-DC technology ensures minimal energy loss, maximizing the efficiency of the charging process.

Eco-Friendly  Mobility

By utilizing solar power, the charger reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, promoting sustainable transportation.

Intersolar North America 2023 Showcase

Enteligent California's groundbreaking charger was unveiled at this prestigious event, captivating industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Advancing EV Infrastructure

The introduction of this innovative charger contributes to the development of a robust and eco-conscious EV charging network.

Enhanced Charging Experience

With the solar hybrid technology, EV owners can enjoy convenient and eco-friendly charging options, making their journeys even greener.

Future-Proofing EV Technology

Enteligent California's DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger sets a new standard, paving the way for more sustainable and efficient charging solutions.

Promoting Renewable Energy Adoption

This charger not only supports the growth of EVs but also encourages the adoption of solar power in the mainstream automotive sector.

A Promising Step  Forward

The unveiling of the DC-to-DC Solar Hybrid EV Charger marks a significant milestone in the quest for cleaner and greener transportation solutions.