The BMW CE 02 Is an Electric Scooter With Motorcycle Attitude… And Price Tag

BMW has unveiled its newest electric two-wheeler, the CE 02, which blurs the lines between e-scooter and e-motorcycle. The premium model boasts a motorcycle-sized motor along with trademark BMW styling and handling but comes with a motorcycle-sized price tag as well.

At first glance, the BMW CE 02 bears a strong resemblance to popular electric stand-up scooters made by companies like Lime and Bird. But this is no glorified e-kickscooter. Underneath the long flat footboard sits a powerful motor equivalent to what you’d find on a small displacement motorcycle.

“We see the CE 02 as defining a new segment of premium urban mobility,” said Timo Resch, Vice President of BMW Motorrad. “It combines the agility and accessibility of an e-scooter with the performance and safety features expected from BMW Motorrad.”

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Motorcycle Power Meets Scooter Portability

The secret weapon of the BMW CE 02 is its beefy electric drive system producing a hefty 42 horsepower. That’s more than most 125cc combustion engine motorcycles. Hit the throttle and the CE 02 can reach a top speed of 56 mph – far faster than a conventional e-scooter.

The ample power comes from a liquid-cooled electric motor paired with a battery pack containing 2.9 kWh of capacity. While range estimates are still preliminary, BMW expects real-world usage to be around 43 miles. The battery can recharge to 80% in under 40 minutes using DC fast charging.

Despite its performance, the bike’s architecture stays true to the scooter format with an electric drivetrain tucked into a low step-through chassis. The long footboard allows riders to stretch their feet forward in comfort, while still placing the handlebars for an upright yet sporty riding position.

Ula Mueller, head of product definition at BMW Motorrad, explained the unique advantages: “It combines the agility of a kick scooter with the comfort and safety of a motorcycle. At the same time, it opens up a new dimension of emotional riding pleasure – the joy of dynamics.”

Cutting Edge Digital Features

In keeping with other new BMW offerings, the CE 02 incorporates a host of digital features and rider aids. This includes automatic stability control, LED lighting, a keyless ride, and an LED dashboard with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.

Riders can link the CE 02 to the BMW Motorrad Connected App, allowing features like anti-theft warning, range finder, and automatic SOS calls for emergency assistance. The 10.25-inch TFT display offers an optically bonded touchscreen and crisp graphics reminiscent of BMW auto offerings.

The BMW CE 02 Is an Electric Scooter With Motorcycle Attitude
Source – Autocar India

Style Meets Function

BMW designers aimed for a streamlined, minimalist look complemented with high-tech elements. The frame incorporates cast aluminum sections with the battery integrated centrally to achieve an even lower step-through.

Visible screws are eliminated throughout with mounting points concealed for a clean facade. The matte black paint has a modern textured finish resisting scratches and wear. The HSD suspension from BMW Motorrad provides greater comfort and shock absorption than typical scooter or bicycle components.

Safety takes priority with a generously sized disc brake system all around including ABS. The long chassis provides stability while tires designed specifically for the CE 02 offer plenty of grip when cornering. Dual LED headlights ensure visibility while the turn signals double as hazard lights when braking hard.

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Future of Urban Mobility?

BMW sees the CE 02 filling the gap between crowded inner city areas ideal for small electric scooters and suburban commuter routes where full-sized motorcycles and cars dominate. With congestion on the rise, bringing innovative electric mobility solutions to the market remains a priority according to executives.

Stephan Schaller, Head of BMW Motorrad, stated, “What we see in city centers is an increasing demand for flexible, zero-emission mobility solutions. We are expanding our product portfolio to meet these needs. The BMW CE 02 opens up a new dimension here.”

However, given the motorcycle power plant, don’t expect bargain basement e-scooter pricing. The CE 02 will retail for around €11,700 in Europe, equal to over $12,500 in the US. That means quality urban mobility comes at a premium cost.

The BMW CE 02 makes up for its lofty price tag by bringing advanced digital connectivity, dynamic performance, and premium style to the urban commuter segment. While not affordable, it raises the bar in terms of power, handling, and safety compared to standard e-scooters. Track testing continues in 2022 with market launch expected in early 2023.

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