The 4 millionth EV was manufactured by Tesla at Texas Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla officials were happy to share, that the company has hit the 4000000 mark for the total number of Tesla electric cars ever built. The four millionth EV was manufactured at the Texas Gigafactory of Tesla in Austin. The achievement coincided with Investor Day. The pace of production is increasing at an impressive rate. Tesla now has the capacity to produce around two million electric vehicles per year.

It took 12 years’ time for Tesla to build its first million electric vehicles. The One-millionth EV mark has been achieved in early 2020. It is impressive that Tesla has produced One Million EVs in just the last seven months’ time. Put simply Tesla has reached from three million mark to four million in only seven months. Tesla has managed to speed up the manufacturing of EVs better than other EV makers to date. 

Gigafactory Mexico 

Tesla plans to ramp up its production capacity from 2 million to 20 million EV cars per year. The company has made the announcement establish to “Gigafactory Mexico.” Here Tesla will build a next-gen electric vehicle platform to support new models. Gigafactory Mexico will be built outside Monterrey in Nuevo León.

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The timeline for Gigafactory Mexico is yet to come. However, Gigafactory Shanghai and Gigafactory Texas are live examples showing Tesla’s capacity to bring production relatively quickly. Tesla has four Gigafactories in operation, Gigafactory Nevada is under expansion 

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12 Gigafactories for 20 million EVs 

Tesla now has four Gigafactories in operation. It is expanding Texas Gigafactory Nevada to produce Tesla Semi at the factory. It is good to add that Tesla will require about 12 Gigafactories to achieve a production capacity of 20 million electric vehicles per year.


Tesla also displayed what it calls a “pre-production beta Cybertruck” on investor day. Tesla also announced that the company will soon come up with a new plan for “unlimited overnight charging for $30 per month”. This is part of the “Tesla Electric” energy retailing business.

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