Tesla to Build a New Battery Factory in Shanghai, China to Produce Megapack

Tesla to Build a New Battery Factory in Shanghai
Image Credit Manufacturing Today India

Tesla Megapack

The new project by Tesla will involve building a new Mega factory to manufacture its energy storage Megapack. Tesla to Build a New Battery Factory in Shanghai targets to produce 10,000 Megapacks per year. This energy-storage Tesla Megapack will be sold across the globe.

It is good to add that Megapack is a huge battery that can be used to store sufficient energy to supply power to about 3,600 homes for an hour’s time. 

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Currently, Tesla is building Megapack in Lathrop, California. The factory is successfully running to produce 10,000 units a year. It was launched just last year; the factory is adding a capacity of up to 40 GWh annually. The Mega factory is supplementing production from Gigafactory Nevada. 

Tesla has a more than two-year backlog of orders for Megapack.  The Megapack has become the normal requirement for electric utilities wanting to go for energy storage at a large scale. The objective of large energy storage includes stabilizing the grid or taking advantage of solar power or other renewable energy.

The Shanghai, China project seems to be a replica of the Mega factory in California. It will have the same capacity of 10,000 Megapacks or 40 GWh per year. However, the factory will be erected at an incredible pace. Construction is expected to commence in the next few months and production may start in in Q2 2024.

Tesla Megapack is a super large-scale lithium-ion battery, rechargeable, stationary energy storage product.

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