Tata Motors unveils a near-production version of Harrier EV. The range is….

Tata Motors unveiled a near-production version of its upcoming electric SUV, the Harrier EV, during the company’s annual Auto Expo in India this week. While Tata has previously shown concepts and prototypes of the electric Harrier, this latest iteration provides the most concrete look yet at the production model that is slated to hit roads next year.

Visually, the Harrier EV on display maintains the overall design language and silhouette of the standard, gasoline-powered Harrier. However, it features a closed grille in the front with a sleek blue highlight stripe and “Harrier EV” badging on the tailgate, offering some visual cues alluding to its electric powertrain.

Tata Motors
Source – OnManorama

Tata Motors says the Harrier EV has a targeted range of around 500 kilometers (~310 miles) on a full charge according to internal testing and simulations. This would give the electric SUV a class-leading range in India’s still-developing EV market.

The company has not shared specifics yet on battery capacity for the Harrier EV. However, Tata Chairman N Chandrasekaran said that it will utilize the group’s new Gen 3 EV architecture that supports larger-capacity batteries. Tech specs around motor power and charging speeds also remain unannounced as of now.

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While range and charging times are always key considerations, Tata emphasized that the Harrier EV maintains the traditional model’s spacious cabin and flexible seating configurations. It offers connected car technology including apps and data analytics that optimize battery usage as well.

On the whole, Tata Motors framed the Harrier EV as bringing smart, sustainable mobility wrapped in the comfort, connectivity, and convenience features consumers expect. The company sees its EVs as ideal for both daily urban commuting as well as long road trips capable of the extended range.

The positive reception at the Auto Expo signals that Tata is progressing nicely with its electric portfolio. The unveiling of the near-production Harrier EV comes right after Tata rolled out an electric version of its popular Tiago hatchback to appeal to the mass market.

With an attractive design, cutting-edge technology, and compelling range, the Harrier EV will offer a premium-tier EV SUV option to compete with players like MG Motors and startups like BYD. Tata plans to announce pricing and kick off the official production of the Harrier EV sometime in 2024.

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