Tata Motors To Launch 3 New EVs In 2024 In India: Details

As the current leader in India’s electric vehicle segment, Tata Motors aims to expand its EV portfolio with 3 new launches in 2023.

Having captured over 70% market share in electric cars, Tata now offers the widest range of mass-market EVs – from the Tiago EV to the Nexon EV Facelift. Building on this momentum, the automaker will introduce the Punch EV in early 2024, followed by the Curvv EV coupe-SUV and Harrier EV SUV later next year.

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These new EVs are expected to help Tata boost its 2023 EV sales target from 65,000-70,000 units to capturing an even wider customer base. The pricing is likely to reach around Rs. 30 lakhs. Tata has earned strong consumer trust in EVs through consistent efforts, which new launches can further capitalize on.

Tata Motors
Source – CarToq

The company aims to have 9-10 electric vehicles in its lineup within the coming years. While more affordable EVs will drive volume, premium offerings with a 600km+ range will also be introduced. The upcoming Punch EV promises big upgrades over its ICE variant, while the Curvv EV and Harrier EV are projected to deliver a 400-500km range. The Harrier EV may also offer AWD capabilities.

As per Tata, the EV proposition remains strong given lower running costs. So the automaker is gearing up accordingly with its ambitious upcoming EV launches.

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