Honda Debuts New Global EV Series, Honda Zero, Coming in 2026

Tokyo, Japan – Honda Motor Co. unveiled its new global electric vehicle (EV) series today, called Honda Zero, which will launch in 2026. The Honda Zero series aims to accelerate Honda’s EV lineup and strategy to deliver carbon neutrality for 100% of its vehicles and corporate activities by 2050.

“The Honda Zero series represents our global vision for zero-emission vehicles aligned with our goal to achieve carbon neutrality,” said Toshihiro Mibe, President and CEO of Honda. “This new series will see Honda embark on an ambitious expansion of EV models across our lineup over the next decade.”

Honda Debuts New Global EV Series
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The Honda Zero series, named for “zero emissions,” “zero compromises,” and “zero barriers,” will introduce affordable EVs with advanced safety and connectivity. Honda targets an initial launch in North America of two Honda Zero SUV models in 2026, followed by multiple vehicles based on the new series released in other markets globally.

Bringing Advanced Technology to Mainstream EVs

Honda outlined several key technological advancements that the Honda Zero models will leverage to deliver capable, connected EVs at reasonable price points.

“The Honda Zero series will retain that fun-to-drive spirit that Honda owners appreciate, now electrified with the latest technologies to create the best user experience,” said Shinji Aoyama, Senior Managing Executive Officer for Honda.

The debut models will be underpinned by a new dedicated EV platform powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack developed jointly with CATL, one of the world’s largest battery makers. The models will also feature an omnidirectional advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and continuous software updates to expand functionality.

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Positioned for Global EV Leadership

Honda aims to lead EV adoption worldwide by launching affordable yet technologically advanced mainstream models. The automaker outlined an investment of $40 billion over the next ten years in electrification and software technologies to accelerate its plans.

“The Honda Zero series kickstarts our global EV offensive to achieve carbon neutrality and make EVs mainstream,” said Kohei Takeuchi, Vice President of Honda. “We are transforming our lineup with this new generation of Honda EVs suitable for worldwide adoption.”

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The Honda Zero models were previewed as sleek SUVs with smooth designs and an emphasis on aerodynamics for optimal driving range. Honda said its global EV platform will enable derivatives ranging from rugged off-roaders to sports cars.

Industry Analysts Welcome Honda’s EV Roadmap

Industry analysts said Honda’s plans position it well to compete in the rapidly growing global EV market.

“Honda laid out a compelling EV strategy with the Honda Zero series and dedicated platform that can shake up the industry,” said Victoria Li, Senior Mobility Analyst at Global Insights. “The specifications and price points set ambitious targets that get closer to EV parity with gas vehicles sooner than expected.”

“Honda’s partnership with CATL and focus on core EV capabilities make it both flexible and formidable,” said Yuichi Mitani, Auto Industry Advisor. “The Honda Zero models should give it solid global contenders.”

Honda also emphasized that sustainability will be central to its EV vision from renewable manufacturing to supply chain ethics to battery reuse.

“Our aim with Honda Zero is to develop technology and products that enhance society and people’s happiness in the future while minimizing environmental impacts,” said Takeuchi. “Sustainability initiatives are integral to Honda’s identity, so they will be front and center as we accelerate our EV shift globally.”

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