This crazy electric knock-off Mercedes G-Class SUV is a best-seller on Alibaba

Go for it if you want a genuine Mercedes G-Wagon to show everyone that you have more money than time spent off-road. But if you don’t have the money or the time to go off-road, I have a quirky little alternative for you. Look at this Chinese electric G-Wagon ripoff!

It’s an excellent choice for this week’s Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week since it packs so many quirks and charm into its diminutive frame.

It may appear to be a purebred G-Wagon at first intoxicated glance, but don’t be misled. A quick glance at the hood ornament reveals that it has a Mercedes father and an Acura mother.

This small four-wheeler, very doubt produced in the vaults of Alibaba’s hidden EV laboratory, is steeped in practically G-Wagon design.

With a length of only 2.9 meters (9’6″), it’s never been easier to pull up onto a sidewalk while you rush into a store “for just a minute!”

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Because the entire device weighs only 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds), the parking officer can simply pull up one end at a time and shimmy you back down onto the pavement.

The top speed is given as 35-45 km/h (21-28 mph), which appears to be a bit unusual. I’ve never seen a top speed range before, although it could depend on how many passengers are in the car.

Mercedes G-Class SUV
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There are four seats, but the somewhat small powertrain may struggle to keep up with a full load of entitled country club members.

That’s not the only oddity in this Chinese G-Wagon copycat. Indeed, things only get better from here.

The air conditioning is labeled “manual,” which is a little confusing but certainly does not bode good. I’m concerned that there will be one of those folding paper fans in the glove box with the label “air conditioning.”

In the video below, the engine compartment appears to be reinvented as a “frunk.” Or, at the very least, it could have been if they had put some form of bottom in it. Standing over it and popping the hood, on the other hand, only provides you an excellent view of your shoes.

If you opt to install the range extender motor, it appears to go there. The addition of the accessory increases the range of the lead acid battery pack from 50 km (31 miles) to 110 km (68 miles).

Maybe you’ll be able to get to those trails after all.

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When it comes to cost, I have both good and bad news. The good news is that it is absurdly cheap, costing only $2,200. The bad news is that the pricing does not include batteries, which will raise the total considerably. Oh, then there’s more bad news: the order minimum is three. You’d better prepare that shipment container.

Mercedes G-Class SUV
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And, while we’re at it, keep in mind that the “real” price is likely to be far higher. I once paid $2,000 for a $2,000 electric pickup truck on Alibaba, only to pay closer to $8,000 when it arrived in my parents’ driveway in Florida. To be honest, it was well worth it.

That machine has become a veritable workhorse on the family ranch, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your trust fund than you planned if you want to own one of these imitation G-Wagons.

And, as always, please keep this caution in mind: I strongly advise you not to take the chance of getting something like this from China. Not only is it not street legal in the United States, making it illegal to import, but you also risk never seeing the vehicle or your money again.

I was just duped into purchasing a mini-excavator from Alibaba (that tale will follow once I’ve calmed down), so despite having numerous positive purchases behind me, it’s still possible to get royally screwed.

So, instead, let’s simply enjoy it from the comfort of our computer screens. Let’s be honest, it’s probably from your phone screen in the restroom. Yes, there are a lot of men out there that are feeling awkwardly seen right now.

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