Eco-Friendly Urban Mobility: Introducing the Naon Lucy Scooter

The recycled materials are used to manufacture the simple Naon Lucy electric scooter in Germany.

In Europe and Asia, electric motorcycles and scooters are gaining traction at an unprecedented rate. Many manufacturers place sustainability and environmental consciousness at the forefront of their operations, but only a few are truly deviating from the standard of mass production, which typically generates a lot of trash.

Naon Lucy, a Berlin-based electric startup, just debuted its prototype, the Zero-One, which we examined in depth in a previous story. The company focuses on three primary aspects: utility, aesthetics, and local manufacture, employing its whole workforce in Germany and manufacturing its products with materials supplied locally.

Naon Lucy
Image Credit RushLane

Indeed, Naon has made considerable progress in the construction of its first scooter, unveiling what appears to be a production-ready model called the Lucy.

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In a recent report, our pals at the German motorcycle newspaper Motorrad Online offered a lot of information on the scooter. The Naon Lucy is expected to be produced in two versions: an L1e, or electric moped, and a faster, more powerful variant called the L3e, or light motorcycle.

The L1e variant has a top speed of 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour) and will cost 4,920 Euros, or around $5,270 USD. The L3e model comes next, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour). However, it is more pricey at 6,420 Euros, or around $6,877 USD.

In terms of technology, the Naon Lucy is outfitted with a hub motor capable of producing seven kilowatts of nominal power and 140 pound-feet (200 Newton meters) of torque. The battery is a 5.2-kilowatt-hour unit that can be swapped out and is stored within the scooter’s floorboard.

On a single charge, the power pack claims a range of 100 miles (160 kilometers). The scooter is based on a lightweight aluminum chassis and features ABS-equipped disc brakes.

Naon Lucy Scooter
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Other Zero-One concepts Lucy advances include wider wheels, a redesigned single-sided swingarm, a double-bridge fork, and a rear strut wishbone suspension configuration.

Overall, the appearance of the scooter is quite clean and simple, and it fits in wonderfully with the chic and trendy technology that has become almost omnipresent in the modern period.

Furthermore, the low-mounted battery pack ensures that the scooter is stable due to a low center of gravity, without sacrificing under-seat storage space.

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