Alfa Romeo is introducing a larger electric SUV to the US

Alfa Romeo, an Italian luxury automaker, is planning an all-electric future by 2027. The company intends to launch its first electric vehicle next year, followed by its first dedicated electric vehicle in 2025. Meanwhile, Alfa Romeo has more substantial ambitions to compete with Tesla in North America, including a bigger electric SUV in 2027.

Alfa Romeo intends to launch a larger electrified SUV in the United States.

Alfa Romeo will be the first brand under the Stellantis umbrella to launch an all-electric lineup.

Despite the absence of a fully electric car, Alfa Romeo claims that the Tonale, a plug-in hybrid SUV with a 35-mile all-electric range, marks the beginning of the automaker’s transformation.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato stated earlier this year at a Tonale launch event in Japan that joining the E-segment in North America was crucial. Imparto intends to make sportiness “the hallmark of its forthcoming EVs” as it seeks to differentiate itself in an ever-expanding market.

Larry Dominique, the company’s North American head, confirmed this attitude in an interview with The Drive. Dominique explained:

Alfa Romeo
Image Credit Electrek

For America, the E-segment will be more utilitarian than the sedan, and the Giulia replacement is [already] set.

Alfa Romeo has already declared that the Guilia will go electric in 2025, with up to 1,000 hp and a superfast 800V charge (18 minutes maximum).

The brand’s first totally electric vehicle, based on the Jeep Avenger, a tiny compact SUV, is slated to be released next year. Its first dedicated EV, maybe called the “Guilia EV,” will go on sale the following year.

An electric lineup with distinction

Stellantis is developing an all-electric lineup in order to carve out a specialized market for itself rather than merging with other automakers such as BMW. 5 tips about online slot machine games free you can use today Dominique elaborated:

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Tesla, the fastest-growing premium vehicle manufacturer in the United States, is kicking everyone’s ass. We consider ourselves to be distinct from others. We simply do not want to blend in. We are not a gray BMW… Customers tell us that they purchase Alfas because “you’re not that.”

Alfa Romeo
Image Credit Autocar India

Despite new electric models from nearly every carmaker reducing Tesla’s market share in the United States, the company still controls more than 62% of the market following another record performance in the first quarter.

Alfa Romeo’s propensity for compact Euro-sized vehicles has made it difficult for the brand to expand in the United States, where less than 13,000 cars were sold last year.

The manufacturer is hoping that the planned E-segment electric SUV would spur expansion, as Dominique stated that the vehicle will be created with US buyers in mind, adding:

Details such as [interior] size, features, packaging, cupholder [size], technology, and so on will be perfect for North America. Because the United States will account for 70% of the new vehicle’s sales, that must be good news for the American market.

The new electric SUV will be about the size of a BMW X5 and will be built on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, which was also utilized for Ram’s first electric pickup, the Ram 1500 REV.

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