Join Free to the Waitlist of Solar-Assisted EV Model Lightyear 2, the USA Will Be Served First

Free to Join, waitlist has opened for solar-assisted EV model Lightyear 2, having a base price of approximately $40,000.

The lower price point is much closer to mass-market appeal. Lightyear 2, is expected to start production by the end of 2025.

Lightyear has confirmed that the USA will be served first, along with the UK and European Union.

Lightyear stated that it already has 21,000 pre-orders from customers like LeasePlan, Arval, MyWheels, and Athlon.

The solar-assisted EV will have a smaller battery pack than Lightyear 0, but may will have a real-world range of about 500 miles.

It will have built-in solar panels for reducing the requirement of high-power fast-charging.

The previous model Lightyear 0 is being built by Finland's Valmet but Who will built Lightyear 2 is yet to be declared.

Finland's Valmet is contract manufacturer for Fisker Karma and Think City also.

Valmet is expected to manufacture another EV that relies heavily on solar power—the Sono Sion hatchback.