Swedish Company Candela Has Unveiled an Electric-Powered Hydrofoil Speedboat to Fly Above The Water

Hydrofoil Speedboat
Image Credit Electrek

Speedboat to fly above water 

Candela has unveiled a 28-foot (8.5-meter) electric-powered hydrofoil speedboat to fly above the water. Candela is a Swedish maritime transport company. The company is in the business of manufacturing electric hydrofoil speedboats. The electric boat can cruise for over two hours moving at 20 knots or about 23 mph speed. The company has already manufactured and sold 150 of its brand-new C-8 model of the electric-powered hydrofoil boat. 

The Stockholm, Sweden-based Candela is scaling up its workforce from the current 60 employees a year ago to nearly 400 later this year. They are preparing to ramp up the production of Electric Boats.

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C-8 and N-30 Hydrofoil Speedboat

It is good to share that California, USA-based start-up Navier also tried to surpass the Swedish Candela by bringing an electric hydrofoil boat – N30. The hydrofoil boat of Navier is a little bit longer than the boat of Candela. However, Candela is ahead of Navier in getting its products to customers.

Tesla of the sea 

The hydrofoil boats are costly, they carry roughly a price tag of $400,000/-.  So, neither the C-8 of Candela nor the N30 of Navier is aiming to replace the aluminum boat used currently to fish on the lake. The hydrofoil boats are described as the Tesla of the sea. Candela hopes that this luxury electric boat vehicle could eventually transform the marine industry, as Tesla did in electric Cars.

The electric-powered hydrofoil boats, especially with the sleek foiling design has an advantage over normal boats. When at higher speeds, the sleek foiling design helps to lift the hull above the surface of the water, which offers a smoother and very quiet ride. It allows for having a conversation, which is difficult on a gas boat.

Both Candela and Navier are aiming for a secondary market of electric ferries. The electric ferries may compete with gas-powered vehicles on the grounds of saving the environment and saving on rising fuel costs.

To be successful, these electric-powered hydrofoil boats need to be a little less expensive and satisfy the customers on issues like safety and range anxiety.

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