How to check your Tesla’s eligibility for free supercharging

One of the most well-known electric vehicle (EV) brands on the market, Tesla offers a variety of models to suit various needs and price points. Access to the company’s Supercharger network, which enables users to charge their vehicles fast and efficiently on lengthy road journeys, is one of the most alluring advantages of Tesla cars. Not all Tesla owners, though, can take advantage of free Supercharging. We’ll go over the program’s requirements and how to determine if your Tesla qualifies for free Supercharging in this article.

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What is Free Tesla Supercharging?

Understanding the Supercharging network and how it functions is crucial before delving into the requirements for free Supercharging. High-speed charging stations called Superchargers by Tesla are made with the intention of swiftly recharging the batteries of electric vehicles. Tesla owners may charge up to 80% of their battery at a Supercharger in just 30 minutes. Long-distance driving with a Tesla is now more convenient because to the strategically placed charging stations along highways and in key cities.

Do All Teslas Qualify for Free Supercharging?

The short answer is no. Tesla no longer offers free Supercharging to all its customers, but some might still be eligible. You may be wondering why Tesla is offering a paid service when the company previously gave away free Supercharging. There are several reasons for this shift:

  • To reduce long-term operating costs for Tesla
  • To make it cheaper for customers who don’t often use Superchargers
  • To improve overall efficiency and reduce wait times

What Are the Requirements for Free Tesla Supercharging?

tesla free supercharging

How do you determine if your Tesla is eligible for free Supercharging, then? The answer is dependent on a number of elements, such as the time period in which you bought your car, the model you went with, and any promotional deals that were running at the time.

1. Purchase timing

Buying a Tesla during a campaign when the firm is providing the perk as a sales incentive is the most typical way to be eligible for free Supercharging. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for updates on Tesla’s website and social media platforms as these periods might vary in duration and frequency. It’s worth periodically checking to see if any fresh deals have been announced because free Supercharging is typically more likely to be provided during times of intense competition or low sales.

2. Model of Tesla Car

Free supercharging is not available for all Tesla models. Currently, the following Tesla models are eligible for complimentary supercharging:

Purchases made of the Model S and Model X before January 15, 2017, using the referral code
Model 3 Performance and Standard Range Plus were purchased after November 2, 2018, with the referral code Model S and Model X Performance and Ludicrous Performance was purchased after September 19, 2018. Model Y Performance and Long Range were purchased with the referral code after June 9, 2020.

Unfortunately, if your Tesla model is not included in this list, free supercharging is not available for it. Tesla does, however, provide its owners with additional incentives and advantages, like referral programs, cost-free software updates, and more.

Table of Eligible Tesla Models for Free Supercharging

To summarize the information presented in this article, the table below outlines the eligible Tesla models and configurations for free Supercharging:

ModelYears EligibleDetails
Model S2012-2016Qualify for free Supercharging for life
Model S2016 (After April 30th)400 kWh/year of free Supercharging
Model S2017-2018Not eligible for free Supercharging
Model S2019 (Before May 1st)Qualify for unlimited Supercharging
Model 3Any YearNot eligible for free Supercharging
Model X2012-2016Qualify for free Supercharging for life
Model X2016 (After April 30th)400 kWh/year of free Supercharging
Model X2017-2018Not eligible for free Supercharging
Model X2019 (Before May 1st)Qualify for unlimited Supercharging
Model YAny YearNot eligible for free Supercharging

Tesla ModelEligible Configurations for Free SuperchargingModel SLong Range and Plaid (purchased before September 2018)Model XLong Range and Plaid (purchased before September 2018)

3. Promotional Offers

Last but not least, Tesla may provide Supercharging as a promotional offer to particular consumer groups, such as current Tesla owners or participants in referral programmes. It’s important to keep an eye on Tesla’s communication channels and check your account dashboard frequently to see if any deals are available to you as the eligibility requirements and duration of these offers can vary.

4. Early Adopters

Being an early adopter is another way to be eligible for free Supercharging. As a way to thank them for taking a chance on an avant-garde product, Tesla has provided Supercharging to some of its initial customers. Supercharging may be free if you bought a Tesla Model S or Model X before January 2017. To find out if you are eligible, contact Tesla as this programme is not open to all early adopters.

5. Limited-Time Promotions

Periodically, Tesla runs limited-time specials that make some vehicles eligible for free Supercharging. For instance, Tesla provided Supercharging to new Model Y and Model 3 purchasers in some areas in late 2020. If you’re interested in free Supercharging, keep a look out for these deals, which are often promoted on Tesla’s website or through email newsletters.

How to Check if Your Tesla Qualifies for Free Supercharging

The steps below should be followed if you own a Tesla and wish to see if your car is eligible for free Supercharging:

  • Visit the Tesla website and log into your account.
  • The “Manage” button will appear next to your vehicle.
  • Go to the “Supercharging” section by scrolling down.
  • Your car will be mentioned under the “Supercharging” section if it is eligible for free Supercharging.
  • You will notice a notification that reads, “Supercharging is pay per use” if your car is ineligible for free supercharging.

Tesla Free Supercharging and Charging Costs

By location and time of day, different Tesla Superchargers have different prices for charging. In some places, especially during peak hours, the price per kilowatt-hour can be rather high. But in many places, the price is comparable to or even less expensive than the price of charging at home.

It’s crucial to remember that if your Tesla qualifies for free supercharging, the benefit is restricted. Owners of Tesla vehicles can receive free supercharging credits as part of marketing campaigns or referral programmes. Up to a certain level, you can use these credits to charge your Tesla at a supercharger without having to pay. When your free supercharging credits are all used up, you will have to pay to use a supercharger.

It’s also crucial to remember that while though Tesla’s superchargers are practical for lengthy travels, you shouldn’t rely on them for all of your charging needs. Home or office charging for your Tesla is significantly more practical and economical. Tesla users should only use superchargers when absolutely essential, such as on lengthy journeys or when there is no other way to charge there.

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